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Tips How to Apply Mascara Correctly

Good Mascara Types increasingly diverse, both brand and price, there Maybelline, etude, Oriflame, Relian, etc. Tips How to apply mascara Good, will affect our appearance. Using mascara correctly, need to be considered, because the makeup Through the outward appearance that is emphasized, with mascara application, you would be more expressive. Wear mascara is the last process in the makeup on the eye. So, apply the entire makeup of moisturizer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush before you brush your eyelashes with mascara.

Tips How to apply Mascara Correctly
Tips How to apply mascara Correctly

How to apply mascara correctly, the following tips:

1. Pull the mascara that has a brush with one smooth motion. Do not shake it, because it will open the way for bacterial entry. Otherwise, it will make a quick mascara clumping.

2. Apply from the inside to the top, from the root to the outer end of the eyelashes. Wait up to 30 seconds for the mascara stick and dry the eye eyelashes, and you can apply twice.

3. If eye eyelashes are sticking and clumping mascara, use a clean eyelash brush to comb your eye eyelashes. Then use a paper towel to remove excess mascara and so as not to contaminate the area around your eyes.

4. It should be noted, lower eyelashes are not as many upper eyelashes and just requires a bit of mascara. To apply the lower eyelashes, apply mascara brush with the brush tip portion stands way down, then apply by way of motion decreases.

It can be said with a slight sweep of mascara on your eyelashes, the overall look of your face will look very different.

Here are some tips and other important info about mascara.

a. Brush shape affects the final result, although the type of individual eyelashes is also influential. Brush curved shape is intended to make the eyelashes more slender, while the best straight brush to lengthen and add volume.

b. For short eyelashes, you should select the texture a little mascara liquid so that when the application more easily flattened.

c. To avoid clumping, obligatory move a little mascara zigzag and make sure only the very topical. Exercise is necessary for perfect results.

d. Sweat and damp air are becoming smudged mascara trigger. If you include an active woman, you should use waterproof mascara.

e. Current makeup trends lead to a more natural appearance. Focus on applying mascara on upper eyelashes. If you have dark circles in the eyes, do not need basting at the bottom. However, if the eyes tend to be small, apply it on the bottom, but not as thick as the top. The trick, hold it vertically, and apply mascara slowly bit by bit.

f. After application of the first, lasting a few seconds to not blink so little mascara dries. It aims to minimize the black patches around the eyes that often arise because of too rapid blinking.

g. Cleaning brush mascara regularly can help prevent clotting time of application. Soak the brush in warm water, pat dry with paper towels.

h. Use a cotton bud to clean mascara effectively. Dip into eye-makeup remover which containing oil, rub and clean it softly.

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