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Tips How To Avoid Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is certainly very disturbing, both for people who experience or for those who are nearby as if to vomit, then vomit out to be very disgusting and accompanied by unpleasant odors, even though it was taking medication for motion sickness sometimes they also experience dizziness and nausea and even vomiting. Some people have often impaired motion sickness like this, especially when traveling to other regions are quite far by using a good vehicle ground vehicles such as cars, buses or trains, marine vehicles such as ships, and air vehicles such as airplanes, all vehicles will make some people may experience motion sickness. Motion sickness habits while on a long journey by car will make some people have become lazy to go, but if for some very important business and requires you to go to a specific area that has a very far distance, then how is a way to prevent and treat motion sickness? Here are Tips How To Avoid  Motion Sickness.

Tips How To Avoid Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness

How can motion sickness occur?

Before knowing how-to tips to prevent or avoid motion sickness, we need to know how motion sickness can occur. Motion sickness is triggered by disruption of the balance system of the body, where the components of the system are the central nervous system (brain), the inner ear, the eye and the inner tissues of the body surface (proprioceptors), and stomach does not work in sync. 

In the inner ear, is found in the bones of the skull called the cochlea. In the maze, there are organs of hearing and balance. These balance organs are associated with motion sickness. Its function is to balance the human body that is coordinated with the vestibular apparatus, eye and tactile senses, muscular and visceral. Therefore, a person with impaired balance will cause a sense of spinning (vertigo). 

In the balance, organs are also fluid always move if there is a change, as a result of shock or altitude. In it, there are nerve cells of the hair that will determine where the flow of the motion earlier. Mobility movement of vehicles, ships, or aircraft, will provide stimulus to the organ of balance, through the nerve cells. So, if the balance of the fluid may be caused by shock or height, will make nerve cells are always moving. Manifestation is what always makes a person a headache and motion sickness.

The problem now, why only some people who experience it. Because it is closely related to one's endurance. As someone who often stresses will impact directly on the ulcer disease and others. Likewise, with motion sickness, some people are anatomically sensitive to shock stimuli that make the organ of balance so disturbed. So the following tips, an outline is to prevent any interference in the internal organs.

1. Do not Let Empty Stomach.
Get used to eating before traveling; whenever you want to travel, habit to always eat first so do not even become an empty stomach because if your stomach is empty then the production of stomach acid in your stomach will increase and this will make you feel sick and want to throw up. Still, you should eat just enough and not too much.

Choose the right foods to reduce nausea. You should consume drinks like ginger, tea, or warm water to help neutralize and reduce nausea that may arise while traveling. Avoid eating fatty foods, spicy foods, dairy products, acidic foods, or drinks because it can lead to nausea.

2. The view should be Comfortable
Visual disturbances cause the sensation that triggers dizziness. The eyes should be looking at the object in focus if the eye view of fast-moving objects will stimulate dizziness. Therefore here are some tips to stay focused view.
a. Facing forward. Avoid looking outside through a window. Even if the view out of the window environment, required to look at distant objects. When looking at close objects, then the object will appear to move quickly apparent and which will make the dizzy views.

b. Close your eyes if you are not able to see moving objects.

c. Avoid reading, if you are so easy to motion sickness, you should avoid reading a book or use the phone to see the message or send a text message or other things because by reading when you move can speed up you feel dizzy and nauseous. This is due to your eyes trying to focus on a note on the book and Phone cell, but the two objects vibrate due to vibration of the vehicle. you should switch the desire to read with such listening to music or in chat

3. Create a comfortable position
a. Choose the location of comfortable seating, a little shock, avoid sitting on the location on the vehicle wheels.

b. Select location sitting contained fresh air, open the window to get some fresh air.

c. Avoid close to the odors that stimulate, e.g., smoking, excessive fragrant smell, the smell of the fumes, the smell of brake pads.

d. Avoid thinking about motion sickness, to avoid talking about motion sickness or things that are disgusting. Switch to listen to music or sleep.

4. Take anti-motion sickness drug
You can anticipate your travel sickness with anti-sickness drugs that many in the market and drink half an hour before departure. If in the course, began to feel nausea, ginger candy consumption immediately. Avoid consumption of peppermint-flavored foods because they stimulate acid reflux.

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