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Tips How to Choose Best Quality Bathrooms Towels

TOWELS are toiletry often escape our attention. Why buy towel costly? After all, only used for a few seconds to dry body. Wait, Actually towels care and quality can affect our health. Therefore, necessary to know how to choose the proper towels, good for bathing, exercise, and for beloved baby.
When rubbed towel to the skin, dead skin cells will be detached and lodged in the towel. Dead skin cells are a favorite food for germs. No wonder if the towel is often regarded as a storehouse of germs. Moreover, after using towels are usually damp and wet, making it be an ideal place for germs to breed. If there is wound, these germs can get into the skin and cause infection. Selection and proper towel treatment can prevent this. Here are Tips How to Choose Best Quality Bathrooms Towels:

Tips How to Choose Best Quality Bathrooms Towels
Tips How to Choose Best Quality Bathrooms Towels

Here are Tips How to Choose Best Quality Bathrooms Towels.

1. Material
When buying towels, don’t forget to look at label. Usually listed on the label of what material which made of towels. Towel material will affect absorption ability of towel. Towels which are available in the market are generally made from cotton, polyester, or a mixture. The most well are towels made of 100% cotton. Nevertheless, cotton quality can also vary. How to different it? High quality cotton usually have a lighter weight than ordinary cotton.

2. Neatness stitches
Good quality towels generally can be identified from the seams are strong and good quality label. Not surprisingly, this towel look more beautiful and attractive Besides the fiber is not chaotic, handmade towels are also often added accent embroidery and packaged in plastic. Handmade towels quality  is necessarily better. Although more expensive, these towels are typically more durable and more beautiful to look at.

3. Color
You certainly do not want that your clothes are stained by smearing towels, when washing. Poor quality towels will always fade color when washed. While the towels were good, usually only slightly discolor, on the first wash, the remnants when staining. Curious targeted towel will fade, or not? Try lightly dampen with water and wipe, and then consider whether there are colors that stick in hand.

4. Size and Motif
Who said size does not matter? Towels that are too big will make it difficult for the smallish body. Whereas if it is too small, towel be damp faster and not be able to cover the body. Likewise, the motif towels. Although generally plain-colored towels, for children, select towels with pictures of favorite cartoon. Who knows they will be motivated  and more diligent to take bath.

5. The softness and absorbency
One of the main things to consider when choosing a towel is softness. Anyone want a super soft towel that easily absorbs water. Thus, we do not need to spend extra effort when drying off after a shower. The towels were rough and do not absorb water can cause friction and skin irritation. And as more and more dead skin is involved, the towels are also more easily invaded by germs. How to assess the absorptive capacity of the towel quite easily, simply by dropping a drop of water on the towel. Towels with good absorption will directly absorb water droplets. While the poor quality towels, water droplets will continue to slide because it is not absorbed.

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