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Tips How to Choose Durian

For those of you who are already used to buy may not be the difficulty in choosing a good quality durian flavor and physical terms. The taste is sweet even tend bitter lot in search of people. In physical terms, namely thick flesh and small seeds make satisfaction for us who enjoy it. Then how to determine the durian fruit is of good quality so that we will not disappointed when buy it. There is a saying in buying durian "entrusted to the seller". This adage is true, but not all seller honest so we must have a tip and how to select it. Actually there are many methods in terms of election. But I will share the most convenient moment.

Tips and easiest way and we will not let down is to eat fruit in the seller, and the pick is the seller. This can be beneficial to us because once the fruit is not as expected, immediately we can complain.

Tips How to Choose Durian

Here are Tips How to Choose Durian

1. Look the Stems
Durian which falls from the tree has serrated stem. if it looks like a flat or cut, there is the possibility was picked before ripe and stored in advance. Additionally, poked a bit of skin stem with nails, that thick skin, so the flesh was thick too. If the skin inside is yellow, the flesh color is yellow too.

2. Skin
If the skin looks prickly rare and certainly big fleshy pulp is solid, but if small and prickly-skinned durian are close, durian flesh certainly mushy.

3. Light better than heavy
Heavy durian usually still raw, it contains a lot of water and even rotten

4. Tap on skin
If the sound of "Bluk-Bluk" echoed, it was a sign of durian already ripe.tapi when you hear a "plek-plek" is a sign of durian immature.

5. Shake
If there is something that shook inside, meaning flesh dry manifold. It is a good sign.

6. Choose which have five segments
Durian has a segment (chambers) are filled seeds and pulp. Segment can be seen from the surface of the skin, in the form of a line from the top to the bottom. Durian have five pieces of meat or segments idealy because usually has 6 or more.

7. Choose Round shape
The round shape signifies flesh and more .durian large oval or round not usually possess only a little fruit flesh.

8. Smell
When choosing durian, take it to your nose and smell it, if it smells strong, most likely the fruit is sweet and ripe. But if it does not smell anymore, his chances had colds that makes it taste so bland.

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