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Tips How to Clean Cooking Equipment from Caramel

Caramel can be very difficult to remove if it sticks to your cooking equipment mainly pan or frying pan used to cook the caramel. If you clean it before it cools, the abolition of the former caramel will be much easier.

Soaking the pan with caramel stains in hot water or soda can extend the time you have before the caramel hardens. Once the caramel into a hard, thin enough caramel layer can usually be removed with kitchen utensils, but a thick layer of caramel may need time to be soaked in hot water, salt water or soapy water.

Dirty Pan Tips How to Clean Cooking Equipment from Caramel
Dirty Pan

Here are Tips How to Clean Cooking Equipment from Caramel

1. Freezing Method
Wait until the caramel cools and solidifies. If there is only a thin layer, a layer of colored transparent normally would remain, you may erode without taking additional steps. If the caramel layer thick, you need to soak before cleaning. 

Use the chisel kitchen or a small knife to peel dry caramel. Position the chisel at the bottom of the pot or pan and move away from the direction you are for security.
Rinse the pot or pan to remove splinters caramel. Tap the pan or griddle until dry with paper towel. After that, check the pot. If the caramel is still there at the bottom of the pan, scrape and rinse repeat procedure.

If the caramel is still a lot left, place the pan in the freezer. Leave two hours to allow the pan and caramel had a chance to actually freeze.
Frozen foods are often easier to be destroyed, and the caramel will become very brittle at temperatures below freezing. Remove the pan from the freezer and then do the dredging process caramel as above.

2. Soda Methods
Pour soda into the pot or pan before the caramel cools. Soda will work well especially for the equipment of iron or aluminum. Crystallization soda will react with the iron, making the surface becomes slippery and difficult for the caramel to stick. After 15 minutes of soaking, scrub the pot with a washing sponge or washcloth.

Do not throw a soda out of the pan. Instead, drowned under the sponge and rub the liquid soda soda pot while still in the pot. Discard the rest of soda when all the stains have been cleaned. Then wipe the pan with a dry cloth or paper towel.

3. Hot Water Method
Fill the pot-covered caramel, with hot water. You only need enough hot water to cover the former caramel. This is best done immediately after you finish using the pan, before caramel frozen and difficult to remove. After that, cover the pan and let the caramel in it submerged for approximately one hour. Discard the water out of the pot.

If after inspection, you still see quite a lot of caramel stick pan, try using boiling water. The way the contents of the pan with water and place on the stove to boil or for 10 minutes. After that turn off the stove, and clean the rest of caramel with a washing sponge.

4. Method of Salt Water
Another method that you can do is to fill the pan with salt water. Pour into the pan about 1 tablespoon (14.3 grams) of salt for every cup (250 ml) of water you use. Make sure the caramel is completely submerged under water that you will use to soak. Let the salt water is in the pot or pan overnight.
Do not throw the water out first, ignore how murky water that may appear in your pan. Salt water boiled in the pot on the next day.

The salt will weaken caramel stuck in the pan, causing the caramel will be lifted from the pan as soon as the water heats up. After the waste water. Gently rub the side of the pan to wash sponge. Any remaining caramel will detach easily.

When soaking pots and pans, cooking utensils soak you, too. This method will work equally well on metal utensils to cook as you would on a metal pot and pans you stained caramel.

Take care with pots and pans materials you use. Certain materials have special care requirements. For example, iron can rust if you let it be soaked in water for too long and some teflon coating can be damaged if you use salt to clean.

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