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Smart Tips How to Use Credit Card

Credit card is a payment instrument which practical to use. Credit cards also allow you not to carry large amounts of cash. However, not a few people often use these magic cards to buy what they wants, who made so deeply in debt. So, Howtomaketips will share some tips on how to use credit cards intelligently.

Smart Tips How to Use Credit Card
Credit card

Smart Tips How to Use Credit Card

1. Discipline
Each credit card has a limit or boundary definitely predetermined maximum. It all depends on the type of credit card which used. For example, you have a credit card with a maximum limit of $ 2,500 per month, -, you should not use up to $ 2500, - (or more). Why? Because it is to discipline yourself lest "seduced" by the use of credit cards. So, although the maximum limit of your card $ 2500, - does not mean you can use it for the nominal ... Be wise, guys.

2. Limit the Number of Credit Cards
You should just have two or three credit cards, especially if you use the card at once. Although it does every card issuer has different facilities, choose the best for you. You need to remember, the credit card is still a means of payment. Don't forget there are bills to be paid after use.

3. Take advantage of Point Rewards
Each using credit card, meaning it has to collect points that can be exchanged. Well, if the points are already collected a lot, can be exchanged for goods or promo. Surely it is advantageous, especially if you can exchange it for a high price goods. It is definitely fun, isn't it?

4. Pay Bills Before Maturity
Pay bills before maturity or deadline, will save on the debt. Plus, your track record will be good in the eyes of the bank. It is also one of self-discipline so that you are more intelligent and in using credit cards.

5. Pay More than the Minimum Bill
All must know that credit cards are generally set minimum payments on credit cards amounted to 10% of the total. But wait, although that does not mean you can not pay more than that amount. The more you pay, the less the rest of the charges accrued interest. That is getting a little too dong your debt. That's right, right? So make sure you pay more than the minimum bill.

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