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Tips How to Buy Electric Bicycle

Buying electric bikes, thats good idea if to know the seller. If there is damage, the seller has the ability to repair. Bike business venture indeed rare. Bike shops are generally rarely opened by rich people, but this  effort is mostly done by people who can enjoy life by bicycle. Generally, sellers will seek a sustainable business, and life is no different with buyers who love bikes.

So what needs to be considered by the buyer.
There are two important, as far as the quality of bike which is needed, and the quality of bike electric motor power. Electric bike looks good won't be useful, if motor system is not as good as the performance. Buy a nice bike means bikes are not cheap.

One disadvantage of electric bikes is total weight of the bike. The light is at weight of 20kg. When the bike can run up to 20km with a big bodied people. The bike is already good enough. But below it, you should think again, whether to buy slowly bike.

Tips How to Buy Electrical Bicycle
Electrical Bicycle

Tips How to Buy Electric Bicycle

1. The motor and sensor technology
Select Pedelec. Electric bicycle system that exists today is a Pedelec. Namely the auxiliary motor system when you paddle pedal. Motor power will help drive, when you pedal, so the pedal becomes lighter. Sensors on the electric bike is governed by a system of sensors monitor the speed and power like the power of the motor will increase when the rider is trying to paddle pedal.

2. Twist and go. 
This is much simpler, there is no censorship except the system switches to the motor. The new rules for Twist and Go is currently the sensors will be connected when the riders are paddling, and provide power on the part of the motor.

3. Motor hub or crank.
Motors System in crank is very good when the bike past the steep incline. But a little more noisy than mounting the motor in the hub. And vice versa. But some of today's technology, the power of the motor hub is not inferior to the motor crank.

4. Battery Quality 
Difficult to say whether the manufacturer uses good quality battery. Electric bicycle battery will degrade over usage. Unfortunately no further information about the battery of each manufacturer.

5. Battery charging cycles
How much you charge the battery, each time filling into one cycle. The more is done charging / recharger, the battery capacity will decrease. The more frequently you use and charge the battery in half discharged position also makes one cycle. The more commonly used bikes would reduce the battery ability. Things need to considered is price of the battery when a battery is getting weak.

Batteries don't like cold
Li-ion battery doesn't like cold, battery power will be lower when the weather is cold. There is a tip to charge the battery, when doing charger, should be done indoors.

Battery Type
There are many types of batteries. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries commonly used as. OTC and cheap, dear have a disadvantage in weight and service life.
Lithium Ion (Li Ion), Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), Lithium Polymer (LiPo), Lithium Titanate (Li2TiO3), there may be more other technologies Lithium-based materials. The battery of this type has the advantage of longer service life, faster charging, but the main force is light. Unfortunately the price of lithium batteries is far more expensive.

6. The magnitude and power of the battery.
Battery forms indicating strength and durability of usage. The greater the power will take longer to be used when driving. The bigger the battery size also heavier and longer to fill it. When the use of electric bicycles in the medium term or a few km, the choice can be taken with a medium-sized bicycle batteries. If you want to wear a bike with longer distances, there is no other option to consider a bike with great power batteries.

Some manufacturers consider the use of the double bike battery. Functions that add mileage bicycle with electric motor propulsion. Although looks to be a solution, filling two batteries of course inconvenient. So think how much distance to be taken, and considering the option of each manufacturer of electric bicycles.

Battery life.
Generally, electric bicycle battery can last for 3 years of use. When replacing, don't be surprised because the price ranges from 400 USD or more.

7. Understanding Ah and Wh.
Some manufacturers of electric bikes include the term Ah and Wh. A is Amper and W is Watt. The two are not the same, but it is easier to calculate Voltage, Current and Watt. When you see the look Ah battery capacity, multiply the voltage of the battery to get the battery capacity. When listed Wh, for the battery voltage will get Ah. The figure doesn't really matter, because all are the numbers theory, it is better to ask how far the bike can run with thrust battery.

8. Another thing to consider
Be recommended, using branded groupset, because it is more resistant. Bicycles wich made from aluminum is more profitable than a bicycle made from iron materials. Sections may be replaced with a suspension fork, so it more comfortable. The rest are accessories that you can get an added value.
The important thing is to try and look for more information on electric bicycles.

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