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Tips How to Choose and Wear Anklet

Anklet is accessories that support the appearance. Using accessories like  foot bracelets, will make you look more feminine. Wear a pair of anklets, match with clothes or other appropriate accessories, and rest assured that all eyes will be on you. Are you excited to try it?

Tips How to Choose and Wear Anklet

Here are some tips how to choose and wear anklet.

1. Choose anklet that fits with your ankle. Avoid anklet too tight or loose.

2. Try to buy anklet which models to suit the times today.

3. Make sure your calf and ankle are clean,  because anklet which you wearwill be the center of attention.

4. Apply the lotion on your leg and feet before wearing the anklet. Prepare lotion inside the bag so that when skin feels dry you can immediately apply it.

5. Wear skirt or trousers  which can make the ankle visible. Avoid wearing trousers or skirts which are too long, because it will make wearing anklet in vain . 

6. If you wanna wear socks, wear short socks that doesnt reach the ankle in order to show the ankle bracelets. Can also wear matching socks with the feet.

7. Wear anklet whoose model with  small or medium decorative. You can also choose the anklets has curved shape and color which can attract attention.

8. Make sure the anklet which worn is durable and does not rust. You can choose silver or gold anklet.

9. Don't forget your footwear. Don't wear boots, your anklet will not be visible.

10. Keep up neatly when after wearing the anklet. Anklet treatment is absolutely necessary. Don't forget to clean before storing so anklet will not be dull and dirty.

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