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Tips How to Choose Basketball Shoes

Choosing basketball shoes is very important for a basketball player. The right shoes can help reduce risk of injury and improve movement in the field. 

Here are tips that you can use to choose the right basketball shoes.

1. Measure Your Feet
Even though you already know the size of your shoes, there is no harm to measure it again. Because, your feet shape can change over time (though when your feet have stopped growing). Knowing the size and shape of foot is very helpful to define shoes that fit.

High Top, Mid Top, Low Top

Basketball shoes can be divided into three types: High Top, Mid-Top, and Low Top. This shoe type is determined by style of play and choice. Each type of shoe has advantages and disadvantages of each, namely:

  • High top, this type is most have protection for angkle, and most also have good stability. However, because of additional material, this model is the most heavy. If you need extra protection for angkle and extra stability to your movements, choose this model.
  • Mid top, this model has only limited high angkle. Therefore, this model still provides sufficient protection to the ankle. Because the model is shorter than the high top, this model still gives freedom of movement than high-top models and suitable for all-around player and the beginner. This shoe is also the most widely wearer.
  • Low top, the advantage of this model is the lightest. In theory, these shoes provide access for players to play fast and agile in the field. However, it should be noted, that these shoes do not provide protection against ankle pretty well.
Basketball Shoe Types
Basketball Shoe Types

2. Define your play style

What type player you are. You are the type of player who likes cutting and slashing to rely on speed and agility Or if you are player type who likes to post-up / body collided with players big man? Determine the type of game is key in determining the proper shoes to wear. Here are the most common type of game and the type of shoes the most appropriate based on the type of play:

  • Power Player, In general, this type of player is the most widely relied on post-ups. Body collided in the low post area is common for this type. Because this type of player who most rely on physical contact and stepping, power players need shoes with extra stability and protection. The additional weight is not too influential for this game type. Therefore, the most suitable shoes are Mid High Top or Top. 
  • Speedster, fast players who rely on speed and agility, so they do not want any extra weight that hold their games. Therefore, Low Top is the most suitable shoes they wear. 
  • All around player, the type of game it combines every aspect of the game, whether it's post-ups, slashing / cutting. Therefore, this game requires a type of shoe that has flexibility and good protection. Mid Top is a shoe that can provide this need.

3. Another Tips For Choosing Basketball Shoes

As mentioned above that in playing basketball shoe selection plays an important role, because this will affect your game. Will add crucial because when you play you have to feel comfortable, especially in the legs, which is the main pedestal. No excuses, you should be concerned with the quality, do not buy pirated, a little expensive okay, so far as it is good for your game.

Here are tips on choosing basketball shoes:

a. Lacing resistance
Because the sport of basketball it is high intense, it would require shoes that can minimize the impact. You'll often jump up and run, so the shoes should be able to protect your feet. If your heels hurt after playing, we can be sure the quality of shoes is not good, bro.

b. Shoes pad
It becomes very important. Do not get sore ankle or knee after playing basketball. Good shoes will determine the health of joints.

c. Comfortable in Foot
Do not wear shoes with narrow size or greatness, because this would pose a risk of injury. Also choose shoes with ventilation so as not to hot when in use.

d. Sticky
Make sure the base is not slippery shoes to avoid slipping fell while playing.

4. Responsive
Wear shoes with soles that light, not too heavy so as not to hamper kelincahanmu in the field. Especially for dribbling hooked to and fro, choose shoes with low cut and no air-thick soles that mobility is maintained.

Lets practice more and do not mess it up by wearing wrong sneakers, ballers!
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