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Tips How to Choose Hiking Shoes

Being a mountain climber is not easy because it must have strong mental and physical and must be able to survive. In recent years, Hiking a mountain is a natural activity that began much-loved people. Mountain Hiking does provide a special experience for those who never hiked.

Tips how to choose hiking shoes

Besides must have strong mental and physical, in mountain Hiking must have special tools for mountain Hiking, such as carrier or sHiking bags, safety equipment and Hiking shoes or boots. In choosing Hiking shoes boots must also be appropriate because of the terrain to be traversed would be very heavy. Hiking shoes originally should not select for granted, there are some important things that must be considered such as shoes materials, types of shoes, shoe soles, and so forth.

Tips how to choose hiking shoes
Hiking Shoe

Hiking shoes are nice with thick material and not easily torn, strong soles and shoes according to the type of terrain to be traversed. The shoes must be able to protect the feet to avoid injury while Hiking. This time will be discussed on choosing a good hiking shoes, among others:

1. Material
Material becomes very important in a product. The main thing is that the material should be comfortable to wear. Material good Hiking shoes and boots are made of synthetic leather. Advantages of synthetic leather shoe material is strong and has good circulation to the feet. But there are drawbacks as well, which is easily broken if one shoe care. But avoid the material of canvas shoes and rubber mount for quick tear and does not protect the feet. In addition to shoe materials made of synthetic leather, shoe mount must be waterproof or waterproof, shock-resistant and not stuffy. Hiking shoes boots must also be equipped with a bearing on the inside, namely the neck of shoes for comfortable use and useful for protecting the ankle.

2. Shoe Soles
Choosing hiking boots next important concern is the soles of shoes. Choose hiking shoes with a higher back to be stuck with either surface soil. You should choose hiking shoes with large, flexible and strong, which is made of rubber or synthetic. In addition, choose strong seam stitching shoes and follow the shape of the foot. It will give comfort to the feet.

3. Type Shoes
There are several types of mountain boots are widely worn, ie short-necked shoes, medium and high-necked necked. For short-necked hiking shoes, not protect the ankle, so sometimes cause blisters. This shoe type commonly worn for hiking with a light field or just outdoor sports. Necked hiking shoes being means to protect the ankle but not the whole. If the shoe is worn to climb steep severe terrain mountain, it will cause foot injuries and abrasions. The latter type of mountain boots are high-necked shoes. These types of shoes are highly recommended for hikers because it protects the ankle and will not cause injury. High-necked mountain boots are worn for hiking steep terrain mountain.

4. Size
It is advisable to choose hiking shoe, select larger shoe size so as not to feel cramped when wear it  and will give leeway. Hiking shoes is one of the items that must be considered for the comfort and safety of the foot. In addition, wearing  socks was also important. Recommended wearing socks made from wool because it is convenient to wear and make a thick legs become warm and absorb sweat.

Mountain hiking  activity is not far from damp and to take care of hiking shoes to dry, there is a separate way. How to treat wet hiking shoes should not be indoors because it will cause the shoes easily damaged. The trick is to let the shoe is in the shade and let the wind dry the shoes. Do not even hang the shoes directly under sun shine because it will make the shoes become hard and stiff, which in turn reduces the sense of comfort. Also, avoid storing socks inside shoes because it is not good for air circulation and make the shoe being stuffy.

Similarly, a few tips on choosing mountain shoes that can be used as a reference as well as a little review of how to care for mountaineering shoes wet.

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