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Tips How to Clean Ceramic Floor

Ceramic flooring is durable and beautiful products for every home and you have to know the proper way to clean it. To keep the tile floor in order to remain good over the years, little maintenance required.

Tips How to Clean Ceramic Floor
Tips How to Clean Ceramic Floor

How to Clean Ceramic Floor

1. Sweeps
Recommended regularly sweep the floor thoroughly, or using a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dirt, food residue and sand. Sand or dust can scrape dirt ceramics, if trampled and dragged into all the floor. After the floor had been swept or vacuum, fill bucket with warm water and ready to mop the floor.

2. Mopping
Mopping always more fun if you pretend to be dancing. Take your partner, which mops, and began by working your way from one side of the room to the other side and moved the room. Unless the floor is very dirty, you do not need to add anything to the water. But if you haven't cleaned the floor in the long time, or very very dirty, add 2-3 drops of liquid soap to the floor cleaning warm water and stir well.

Do not add more than two or three drops, because you will create too much foam, making it difficult to rinse and can cause the floor becomes dull quickly.

After completion of repeat fill the bucket with warm water for use as a rinse and mop to remove dirt.

If food particles or other items attached to the tile floor, put a little water on it and wait for one or two minutes then gently scrape them. Do not use sharp tools such as knives or metal that can scratch the ceramic. Use a toothbrush.

Change the water as often as necessary to keep the water clean and avoid spreading dirty water and dirt back onto the floor.

3. Drying Floor
After the floor has been cleaned, dry with a soft cloth, clean, chamois, or a clean towel.A soft cloth or chamois can be affixed to the end of pole lap floor to avoid bending or crawling floor with your hands and knees. Make sure not to use a soft cloth with spray dust or chemicals that end up inviting dust again.

Precautions in cleaning:
Do not use corrosive liquids or other harsh cleansers on the tile floor. Corrosive cleaning fluids can damage the floor protector. After missing the protective ceramic floor will look dull and opaque. It will also make susceptible to stains, water damage and eventually, ceramics become easily damaged.

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