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Tips How to Make Up Slanted Become Wider Eyes

Lovely and beautiful when seen is the  eye characteristics  that many envisioned by women. By having beautiful eyes, would make a woman look beautiful forever. But behind it all, not all women have  beauty eyes according to what their dreams, because there are some women have a form of currency which isn't expected that shaped eyes narrow. Well, with slanted eyes form as it often makes women feel confident. There are some of those who have narrow eyes are willing to do a variety of ways so that her eyes look wider and beautiful. In fact there are such who are willing to perform plastic surgery which is not cheap. Actually, to overcome slanted eyes to look wider there are other alternatives which can be done to beautify the eyes by apply traditional eye makeup.

Tips How to Make Up Slanted Become Wider Eyes
Tips How to Make Up Slanted Become Wider Eyes

Generally, this is eye makeup used by the artist. The purpose of the use of eye makeup is that their eyes look more perfect when it appeared in front of many people. But now make up the eye itself is not only used by the artist alone, but all the people from all walks too many have been used by a variety of reasons, one of which is to change the narrow eyes to look bigger.

Tips How to Make Up Slanted Become Wider Eyes

Well, below is an eye makeup tutorial that can change your slanted eyes become wider. However, before you apply you should prepare the necessary materials and tools beforehand. Here are the materials and tools you need to prepare.

1. Necessary Materials and tools
2. Navy blue colored eyeshadow
3. White eyeshadow
4. Black eyeliner pencil
5. Black liquid eyeliner
6. White eyeliner
7. Brush all sizes
8. False eyelashes

In addition to the above color you can also make use of eyeshadow with other colors. And make sure when choosing eyeshadow to choose slanted eyes is eyeshadow with dark colors. If material has been prepared, you can immediately see the tutorial below.

1. The first step is, blending white eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and brow bone is thin.

2. Next, apply black eyeliner pencil on the top line with a bold eye and the eye line the bottom with a thin.

3. Then flatten the eyeliner that has been applied using a small brush.

4. Then, blend the navy blue colored eyeshadow all over your eyelid with a slight dip at the end of the outer eye. Apply also the little gray eyeshadow under the eyes.

5. Then lightly blend of white eyeshadow on the eyelids.

6. To the eyes look bigger, you apply a highlight or white eyeliner on the bottom line of the eye

7. After that, apply liquid eyeliner on the upper side of the eye.

8. The last step, apply false eyelashes fuller eyelashes in order, and the eyes look wider.

Well, that eye makeup tutorial for slanted eyes to make them look wider. However the state-owned eye must remain confident. Good luck.

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