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Tips How to Stay Healthy for Office Workers

Work in modern times require someone  sitting with a long enough time at office workers, such as bank employees, civil servants and various jobs involving laptop or computer inside. In fact, sitting with a long period of time can lead to diabetes, heart disease and shorten life expectancy of a person. There are a variety of easy tips to stay healthy for office workers. So, what are the tips to stay healthy for the office workers .. ???.

Tips How to Stay Healthy for Office Workers
Tips How to Stay Healthy for Office Workers

    In fact, office job is one of the highly coveted job. The atmosphere is quiet, air-conditioned room, as well as various facilities provided to make office work is not always devoid of enthusiasts. Even so, there are health hazards that lurk for the office job spend most of their time sitting. 

Here are  tips to stay healthy for office workers:

1. Take Rest While Working. Take a few minutes to rest after working one hour. Or you can stand up and walk around for at least 10 minutes after working one hour.

2. Don't Forget to Exercise in the morning. Most office workers are those who are super busy at work. So, get up early and exercising in the morning, which activity that should not be abandoned before getting work.

3. Walking. For office workers whose house is close to the office, it is advisable to walk to office, or can use a bicycle.

4. Dailly Water Intake. Too busy at work has impact on the lack of water consumption dailly. For this reason, provide water adjacent to your desk. So you won't forget insufficient fluid which is needed by the body.

5. Provide Healthy And Nutritious Snacks. Excessive appetite will arise while working while sitting or staring at a computer screen or laptop for a long time. For this reason, it is advisable to consume fruits as well as highly nutritious healthy snack.

6. Frequent Activities Wink Eye. Too focused  in front of a laptop or computer is not good for the your eyes. For this reason, try to wink more often or distract your view of the computer for a few minutes.

7. Bring food from home. Because, you would be sure get nutrition and health in the food that you consumed.

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