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Tips How to Care Car Battery

Car battery plays very important rule in the car. Car battery serves as a power source that supplies energy to some electrical components such as lights, horn, air conditioning, starter until the audio video system. When the battery is no longer able to supply enough electricity, there will be variety of problems in these components. For this reason, care for the battery or the battery is very important to do, especially on cars that still use wet cell batteries.

Tips How to Care Car Battery
Tips How to Care Car Battery

Even though it looks difficult, but actually taking care of the battery is a very easy thing to do. With proper care, it isnt only guarantees electrical components to work optimally, but also will extend the life of the battery which also means it will save a lot of costs. To take care of the car battery, we need to do are:

1. Changing car battery.
Car batteries with properly care can last up to 4 to 5 years. If the Time for replacement has come, we should replace it with a new one. To simplify installation, then we should use a new battery specifications are the same as the old one.

2. Check the battery usage load regularly.
Checking the battery load is usually done once a month. The checks may be done in workshops nearby. By doing so, we can determine if the battery is no longer able to supply enough power to the electrical components.

3. Ensure the availability and care of backup electricity in the battery.
Steps should be done quite easily ie by turning off all electrical components in advance when turn off the engine.

4. Clean the battery regularly.
Often, the terminal on the battery exposed to dust or dirt. If it is allowed, so the impact on the delivery of current to various components is disturbed. To clean it, we can use baking soda that has been diluted with water. Brush the terminals with a wire brush or stiff plastic brush, and tighten.

5. Check the tightness of cables.
Battery cable is not attached properly can disrupt the supply of electricity to various components.

6. Periodically, check the electrolyte fluid.
We should ensure that the liquid electrolyte is enough, when we find the high liquid is approaching the low limit, so it means that we must immediately add it. When we find the electrolyte level has gone down, so we have to add distilled water. But we must be careful because if splashed can be dangerous.

7. Never  Over-Charging.
Do not ever charge the battery for long time, or so-called over-charging. Electrocute or charge the battery for too long will only make components are damaged.

8. Warming Car machine
Warming the car regularly even though the car is rarely used because if not, could shorten the life of the battery.

9. Make sure the battery is in the cradle and tightly bound.

10. Removing Battery
If we want to leave the car in a relatively long period of time, then we should remove the battery terminals beforehand. This is to avoid the flow of electricity is continually re-filled when it is not. As a result, the battery can be overdrawn.

When checking or repairing the car battery, we should not smoke. Batteries contain chemicals that are flammable; when exposed to a spark from a cigarette, then it could result in fire. If we want to have a maintenance-free battery, we can use dry battery. Dry battery does not require us to refill the electrolyte because it is set automatically. However, the battery of this type has a weakness, which can not be recharged when the discharge has been shutdown.

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