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Tips How to Care Car Paint

The new car still has exterior appearance of luxury, however it will be different if the car is already two or three years. In general, car which is already two or three years, have started to lose its exotic side, particularly for the paint. The car paint has begun to fade. In fact, paint is a very important factor, both for appearance and protection. In addition, secondhand car, the condition of the paint is not smooth anymore, will be difficult to sell at a good price. Consumers second car buyers, usually also make the exterior look, including paint, as one consideration when they wanted to buy. Therefore, in order to the return value is not in free fall and still be a smooth car, maintenance care is very important to do.

Tips How to Care Car Paint
Tips How to Care Car Paint

Tips How to Care Car Paint

Here are some simple steps tips how to take care that we can do to make the car paint always smooth.

1. Washing the car
Car paint factory default is designed to withstand up to a dozen years. However, it is also determined by how we care for. Obviously, more better the care that we do, the paint will be able to survive much longer. The most case is when the car washed; scratches often appear smoothly after washing. To avoid this, we have to wash when the sun is not bright shining, in the morning or afternoon. Pressure water spray is also not too tight. Use car shampoo and not detergent or soap and immediately wipe with a chamois to immediately dry.

Wash the car before it would be really dirty, given the current floating dust in the streets to and fro which is then attached to the car body. If not immediately washed, then dirt will stick and difficult to clean, and the cause of the fine scratches.

2. Select the appropriate cleaning products
The car will look dull if we choose  car shampoo that contains unbalanced or contain silicon. Some of the products that offer instant results shiny it will make car paint fade if used for long periods. If it is possible, we should choose car shampoo made from organic materials such as kaolin clay or carnauba wax. Avoid car shampoo containing kerosene or silicon, because although it can make the paint looks shiny in a short time, but also can make the paint look dull.

Recommended Car Cleaning Products

3. Perform preventive 
To prevent the paint faded and dull, we can do a few simple steps, here are:

• Wash the car after rain. Rainwater which has a fairly high acidity which can easily lead to the growth of fungus or spots.
• Do not wash the car in daylight. Car Shampoo will react when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the water will also quickly dry which would then leave blotches.
• Do not wash the car when the engine is hot. The heat that comes out of the machine that will be exposed to water can damage the machine itself and make the paint on the hood faded and dull.

Repainting the car paint is going to restore the quality of its original paint. However, re-paint will not provide such quality paint factory default. The color of the paint will be easily re dull or cracked even if the quality and techniques used poorly. So, the best step is prevented.

Tips polishing car paint:
1. Wash Car using shampoo, do when the paint in  cold condition.
2. Wipe dry all parts of the car, make sure the paint in a clean state no sand or dirt that contains particles or debris.
3. Paint touch up done in the shade and avoid direct sunlight.
4.Do not polish during cloudy or rainy weather, because the wax will dry long and uneven, or paint looks dewy, so do when the weather is sunny.
5. Pour the wax in the sponge and evenly rotating polishing section by section, do not polish at the same time on all car body, because of the press will be reduced when you are tired, so that when the finishing results are uneven.
6. After the polish sections let stand until the wax looks dry, then use a cloth from a smooth jersey material to remove wax layer attached.
7. Next, use a microfiber cloth (can be purchased at hypermarkets) for finishing.

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