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Tips How to Choose Canary for Contest

Selecting candidates breeding canary  would have become planning for every canary breeders. This election is intended to obtain qualified canary breeders or to contest. This time, howtomaketips will give some important tips in selecting the best breeding canaries contests.

Canary for Contest

Many  canaries breeders choose its own way, that is by buying cheap canary with self-care, some are using instant way is to buy a canary win the contest.

Here are some important things that must be considered in the choice of materials or on a bird feeder Canary

1. Males, traits and characteristics of male birds can be seen Walnuts body shape matching, squeaking sound louder and harder. Choose canary males have larger and long vent.

2. Form a proportional beak, beak shape should select stemming canary wide, thick, big and long.

3. Head canary-shaped box. This marks bird has a combat mental and good spirit.

4. Posture, choose a weight that berpostur moderate (not too fat and too skinny) with a long neck, body and tail and legs to match. Do not choose a canary, which necked and short body.

5. The wings clutching tightly, and strong gripping feet, this signifies the healthy canary. Choose canary large legged and looks dry. Just to tell if the color does not affect the mental leg of the bird.

6. Lively and a great appetite. Character looks pretty canaries. It is a characteristic canary good mentality.

7. Long Neck contain dense. It is quite influential on the sound canary. This bird can issue signifies the power of sound to the fullest.

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