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Tips How to Choose Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a lot of demand. Artistic, beautiful and has its own value. Although more expensive than other wood such as mahogany wood and so forth, furniture using teak, able to survive so many years. therefore there are a few tips or manual pick Teak, to be used as furniture

Tips How to Choose Teak Furniture
Teak Furniture

Tips How to Choose Teak Furniture

1. Do not choose teak wood with holes
Teak hollow because it is used to build a nest by wood pests (termites) that could cause the wood powder. Wood which has small holes makes furniture becomes fragile and not durable. So when buying furniture as much as possible looking for which no small holes in the wood.

2. Choose old teak old
Choose teak old age, characteristics, namely solid wood fibers, wood that weighs heavy, reddish brown color and evenly the whole timber.

3. Choosing a good finishing and quality
How to Choose a good finishing and quality, just see uniform color in all parts of furniture products, ranging from wood pores closed and finishing thick. Look for the best finishing materials and classy, ​​to know you just feel it, good finish furniture products are very delicate when held or touched.

4. Choose a strong furniture construction
If you want to buy furniture, try to use them first, because with wear, we can know the construction is good or not. Construction that when we wear it will feel comfortable, strong or sturdy when we use. Furniture products must also be symmetrical.

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