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Tips How to Increase Heigh Naturally

Have an ideal body such as weight and height are ideal, is the desire of each person and how to get it is not an easy matter. By having the ideal height can look more manly and can enhance self-confidence. Height was also affecting career. Many professions out there that requires you to have the ideal height, such as pilots, army, police, and so on.

Tips How to Increase Heigh Naturally

Now has many outstanding supplement products that offer can make the body becomes higher quickly. However, whether the products offered can make the body to be higher? Well, for those who may have been trying to raise the height by consuming these supplements and until now has not received satisfactory results, it is better to use way increase height naturally. 

Here's Tips how to increase height naturally.

1. Streching
This is one way to boost height. After waking up, do streching. Kicking motion for each leg 75 times. For maximum results, after that drinking milk containing high calcium. Before going to bed you can do stretching in bed. With sleeping position and all bodies withdrawn. Then sleep with the correct pattern.

2. Swimming
By doing regular exercise such as swimming, basketball, cycling, and so is the natural way to increase the height. Swim already widely known to have benefits to increase height. Swimming can make the body become more flexible. Do a swim every day at least 30 minutes

3. Yoga
You can do yoga to increase height. Do yoga regularly, to the accompaniment of music could slow or use a headset. Set the correct breathing at every movement. Drink, high calcium milk. In the afternoon you can cycling. Before going to bed to do a little yoga on the bed and with music blaring slow. Adjust settings correct breathing. Sleeping with the correct pattern.

4. Cycling
Cycling is a way of increasing the height that can be done easily. This is because the movement of the foot during pedaling, the leg muscles will be stimulated and in the end can add height quickly. Perform cycling at least 10-15 minutes per day.

5. Jumping
As with cycling, by jumping the leg muscles will be stimulated which in turn makes the body becomes higher. Therefore, the jump is very suitable to do, at bedtime, and cycling in the morning or afternoon.

6. Sleeping with correct pattern
Often someone sleeps with the wrong position can cause posture to be untrue, as the body is hunched and so on. Correct sleeping position is supine, the head facing upwards, legs straight, and do not use a pillow that is too high.

7. Sleep regularly and avoid staying up late
If you've been exercising hard and you stay up at night, then your efforts become futile exercise. This is because almost 95% of human growth occurs during the sleep state. At the time of normal state of activity, there was a surge of human growth hormone that tends to occur around one before bedtime. Then for it to sleep on a regular basis is something that must be done to increase height.

8. Adequate calcium needs
Calcium is an important mineral for bone growth, among others, for the metabolism of the body, connecting the nerve, preventing osteoporosis, the performance of the heart, muscle movement, and so on. Sources of calcium found in foods such as eggs, bananas, milk, cheese, yogurt, and much more.

9. Avoid eating before bedtime
Two hours before bed try not to eat, it is because eating before bedtime can trigger the hormone insulin which can inhibit growth hormone weight distribution.

10. Avoid foods inhibiting bone growth
Reduce consumption of foods containing large amounts of fat, junk food, fried food. Avoid carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol because it can inhibit human growth hormone or HGH and slows the absorption of calcium, as would hinder bone growth. You can drink milk as a source of calcium for the body.

11. Maintain posture
To maintain the shape of the spine, should be to keep our posture so as not to be seen slouch. When sitting or walking. As much as possible to keep watch posture in an upright position so that it does not affect the shape of the spine.

12. Nutrition for body
Sufficient protein, vitamins can help to add height quickly. Food sources that can accelerate bone growth such as yoghurt, eggs, milk, cheese, meat is a source of zinc, magnesium, chromium and calcium is good for bone growth.

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