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Tips How to Choose Right Color for Store

In addition to its merchandise in it, the magnet store, also located on the wall paint color is used. In fact, color is very effective to attract buyers to linger in your store. Well, here are some tips to determine the color of the store building:

Tips How to Choose Right Color for Store

1. Adjust with Sale Items
Each product sold has its own color concept, which is fitting for them. Color matched to the bakery is not necessarily suitable when used at an electronics store. Therefore, you need to understand the characteristics of the product you are selling, then adjust the colors to complete it. This is done so the addition of color to increase the attractiveness of the products you are selling.

2. Adjust with the size of the store
For the exterior wall, you can paint with three color types. The first color neuter used as the base color. Both as an accent color and dark manifold. While the third also as an accent color but bright manifold. The third alloy color will force anyone who saw it would be glued thanks to the charm of the three types of different colors.

4. Children Like Pastel Colors
If your store sells games and children's clothes, try decorating them with various pastel colors. Pastel colors are colors that are mixed with white, so it looks soft. The use of pastel colors are able to produce the impression of a cheerful store without cause it too much glare. Children who see this color will immediately interested and asked his parents to approach your store.

5. Male or Female?
In fact, interest in color is also influenced by a person's sex. Most men are reluctant to enter the store pink, though it was combined with black though. Men prefer to spend time and money in the shops that look cool. As for women, they tend to avoid colors that are memorable pale and dark. Women prefer to enjoy their leisure time in the shops that looks elegant and luxurious.

6. Make sure the store look Different
As the owner of the store, of course you want your business to be the center of attention of the eye. Therefore, avoid playing safe in the play of color in your shop. At a minimum, the color of the store should look different from its surroundings to produce a shock effect that can attract the attention of everyone.

7. Trending Colors
Do you know that before a trend is emerging to the public, experts have examined beforehand. No exception to the trend of wall paint color. Color is emerging as a trend already experienced previous assessment process to match the climate in the year. You can take advantage of color is becoming a trend, it as an accent color because it is very powerful in attracting the attention of the eye.

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