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Tips How to Make Dog be Obedient

Got a recalcitrant dog? Overwhelmed with unruly dog? Try these 10 tips !. Humans have an assortment of characters. No one in this world who have exactly the same properties. Similarly, the dog, every dog ​​has a different character and psychology. To train your dog, we have tips are recommended by dog ​​trainers.

Tips How to Make Dog be Obedient

Tips How to make your dog obedient:

1. Build a good relationship. Try trying to communicate with them. Dogs talk to us with through energy, body language, facial expressions, tail and ear movement, posture and voice. When you have a good relationship with your dog, then you will be much easier to understand the needs of your dog. Try to take "speak" your dog.

2. Use a soft intonation and higher, if you are happy to be what the dogs are doing, and use a low tone when you are not happy with what the dogs are doing. Do all of this with a firm, either hand signals or commands.

3. Look mood and physical condition before you train your dog. Do not force your dog to exercise if your dog is not ready, let alone being sick. If imposed, your dog will often make mistakes, then you are legal, mental and your dog would go down. To make your dog spirit again, requires quite a long time.

4. Get to know your dog well. Each dog has a different ability. Give new training already mastered that exercise has not mastered.

5. Train your dog consistently. If you do not like what he is doing, for example: climb to the top of the seat. Do not let your dog even climbed to the top of the seat. If you occasionally may be, should not be occasional, will make your dog confused. For dogs can understand what we want must be "yes" or "no". Do not, sometimes "yes", sometimes "no".

6. Make fun exercise. Bring your dog to play while practicing. Perform 10 minutes of exercise, and rest 1-2 minutes. Continue again with the next 10 minutes of exercise. Repeat the exercises that have been mastered at the beginning of the exercise. Sometimes with games such as throwing a ball.

7. Do not play physical. In punishment, do not hit your dog. But do the "positive reinforcement". If your dog is smart give his favorite treat. But if your dog does not do what you want, punish by not giving the treat. Not with a punch. Gifts can be: his favorite treat, praise, and caress. Dogs are very happy with the attention, so that attention can be a gift for them.

8. Your patience is the key to successful dog training.

9. Say the command once. For example: Bianca, sit. Dont ever: sit sit sit! If not already done, wait 2-3 minutes for repeat orders. For the beginning, do not give> 2 orders, such as: Bianca, sit, shake a hand, down. Dogs can become confused. But wait until your dog do the command of the first command, new next command given.

10. There is a myth that the dog's face resembles the face of its owner. That in fact, dogs have a strong feeling. If you are calm then your dog will emulate your calm demeanor. If you're anxious, your dog can feel your anxiety.

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