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Tips How to Smooth Palms Naturally

A woman would have a dream that having soft white skin with smooth surface because in addition to increased confidence, having soft and smooth skin is one of pride for all women, but what if a woman has a rough skin tends she will feel inferior when in contact with other people.

Tips How to Smooth Palms Naturally

Women are often more concerned with important parts of the body care essentials, such as facial skin care, skin of the hands and body, so forget the things of care that is so important but forgotten, namely skin care palms.

Have you ever care for skin of the palms? if this question is asked of 10 women I believe five of them answer has never been and probably never, but not organized and do not know how to care.

Therefore, in this occasion we will share tips on How to Smooth Palms With Natural Ingredients that you have a hand that is smooth and not inferior when shaking hands with a friend or your lover.

Here Tips Smooth Palms:

1. Lime
Lime has many benefits for the body but also has benefits for skin care, one of which smooths palms, because the lime juice has properties to exfoliate dead skin cells on the palm of the hand that causes rough skin and make it smooth again.

However, before using lime in the palm of your hand, then see the whole part of the palm of your hand, do not use lime when your hands have cuts or scrapes that are new or still bloody, as if exposed to lemon juice, will be smarting.

If the palm of your hand is not injured, then do the treatment with lime as follows: Take one medium-sized orange juice then in use at a small wooden or hit to the floor so that the surface of the lime is softer and has a lot of water after it was split into two and rub it on the skin surface thoroughly.

After rubbing the entire surface of the skin, let it dry and then rinse with clean water, do this treatment every day, at least 1 time a day.

2. Salt Water

Well second tips is to use salt water, the way is put salt on a container of warm water, then soak the hand while rubbing the palms and fingers sidelines surface for a few minutes then rinse with cold water and then pat dry with a towel, and the latter use a moisturizer hand body lotion on the surface of the hand.

3. Coconut Oil

The third way is to use coconut oil to soften the skin, how to rub coconut oil on the entire surface of the skin of the hands and let stand for about 15 minutes then rinse with water, after rinsing do not use soap because the remaining oil on the hands is very good for smoothing the palm of the hand, so This method is very effective to do before going to bed so that oil will moisturize hands until the following morning.

4. Aloe Vera
This plant is very easy to get a variety of benefits and its efficacy for the human body one for beauty care but do you know if aloe vera is also very good for the skin of your hands?

So how? how quite simple: wipe and rub the liquid in aloe vera that has been cleaved in your hands and rub thoroughly into the palm of your hand and then let it dry out liquid aloe vera in the palm of your hand and then rinse with clean water.

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