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Tips How to Choose Computer Keyboard

The keyboard is a very important part of a computer. Even more important than the mouse. Because a lot of activity on the computer that you can do without a mouse, but it is impossible if no keyboard. But roughly you need a keyboard like what? 

Tips How to Choose Computer Keyboard

Here Tips How to Choose Computer Keyboard

1. Connectivity
Before selecting a keyboard, make sure the port connection options availability of keyboard you have. Typically, conventional keyboards require port PS / 2 purple. However, most of today's keyboard is also sold with a USB port, either wired or wireless. Make sure you have an empty USB slot that can be fitted with this type of keyboard. If you do not want the computer desk filled with the keyboard cable, select only the type of wireless. Typically, this keyboard uses Bluetooth network is closed, so no need for a wired connection.

2. Button
There are three main types of keyboard keys mechanisms currently available. All three are silicon dome, Scissor buttons and mechanical keys. Inexpensive keyboards typically use a mechanism silicon dome by placing two layers of silicon so as there is a sense of reflection rubber when we press the button. Select this keyboard if you have very limited funds and does not require a keyboard with maturities of long life. Meanwhile, the scissor button mechanism using a mechanical counterweight to create a comfortable keystrokes and balanced on all sides. Select this keyboard if you often type. For mechanical button keyboard usually uses a spring behind each button. This can make durable keyboard to tens of millions of typing. Select this keyboard if you frequently play the game.

3. Form and Features
Not all keyboards are created equal. There is a QWERTY format, some are using the Dvorak. Again, this requires foresight before buying. Select the sekirannya match your typing habits. If you frequently access the numeric keys, then the existence of NUM pad is a must. Meanwhile, the anti-water feature or other additional buttons are optional. If you do have excess funds, it is not wrong to have this feature in your keyboard.

4. Standart VS Game
Most keyboard designed for typing activities. However, for a gaming keyboard, typing is not the main goal. Gaming keyboard usually provide some additional buttons to support the quality of the game play. In addition, some buttons such as W, A, S, D and arrow keys are also given a special color pads and remembering these keys are often used to play games. Some gaming keyboards are also designed to provide space between the keys so that the player is not wrong typing while playing. It would be very annoying if you typed because of a wide range can slow down your typing.

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