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Tips How to Choose Muslim Fashion for Fat Woman

Having a body fat does not mean you should regret it, because although overweight, you can still be stylish as well as women who are slender. Tips Muslim fashion for fat woman will greatly help you especially for the Muslim women are veiled. Therefore, even if your body is not seideal slender women, you do not immediately not confident because worry is not suitable to wear any clothes. Nowadays a lot of really fat woman who still look beautiful by wearing Muslim fashion!

Tips How to Choose Muslim Fashion for Fat Woman

Tips How to Choose Muslim Fashion for Fat Woman

1. Loose but Not too loose
One Muslim fashion tips for fat woman is not wearing clothes that are too loose or big, because it will make your body look more substantial. By choosing loose clothing that can hide your body fat can make you become confident. However, please note that you do not choose clothes that are too loose that it shows your body size increases. So, choose clothing that fits and a bit loose so that Muslim clothing worn completely cover your nakedness.

2. Small and  Vertical lines Pattern
Avoid wearing clothing with a large pattern. So that the body does not look very fat, then you should choose clothes that have small motifs. If you wear a large patterned, it can give the impression of more fat on your body.

Wearing a dress with a pattern of vertical lines that show the impression of the body appears to be higher. It should be noted is the distance of the vertical lines and also the size of the lines. With a very wide line spacing to the size of a thick line just does not make you slimmer look. So, you should choose clothes that vertical stripes with size thin lines spaced a little tight. You can also choose a dress striped asymmetrical shape. The most important here not to look wider, avoid horizontal stripes motif.

3. V-shaped collar
To wear a collared shirt, you should choose a shirt with a collar-shaped V. If you are overweight and short to wear collared V is indeed very suitable for you in order to look taller. Additionally, if you have a shorter neck shape should not use high-necked dress.

4. Trousers
If you choose to wear Trousers, should find Trousers with a length that fits right in the ankle. Do not use Trousers that are too long until touching the ground or too high above the ankle. Also avoid wearing pencil model Trousers that will give the impression look great on your feet.

5. Wear clothes two pieces
To give the impression of a higher apparent body should wear Muslim fashion model with two pieces. You can also wearing a Moslem has a length up to the hips, making it look more fit.

6. Wear with a cardigan
To be more fashionable, you have a body fat also can wear a bandage dress by wearing a cardigan or blazer rather long in order to cover a large part of your hips.

Well, that Muslim fashion tips for overweight women to look more fashionable and more beautiful for you!

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