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Tips How to be Boss Favored by Employees

Being a good boss is not only beneficial for the employees, but also yourself. Because, to have a good reputation as a boss, indirectly able to deliver you to have a brighter career. So how to get be the boss whom be favored by employees? ,

Tips How to be Boss Favored by Employees

Tips How to be Boss Favored by Employees

1. Trust
Do not be a boss who work only spying on employees. Trust to them. If any mistakes are made, then you can reprimand the employee. Too strict attention to the behavior of employees, just makes them uncomfortable to work.

2. Always there
Employees must be wondering where their boss to go, if the Boss doesn't attend to the office or a meeting. Therefore as much as possible you should always be there for them. If you can not attend, do not forget to tell to employees. Not only employees who need to notice when they do not work, the boss must be too.

3. Friendly
Being a boss who be favored by employee could be done by making friendship with them. Do not be lazy mince words about the life of employees outside the workplace. Recognize each employee as a friend so they also increasingly appreciate you.

4. Appreciate
If employees showed an increase in the maximum quality of work, should express gratitude and appreciation to them. For example by getting lunch together or give them snacks such as donuts and coffee.

5. Advice
One of the best qualities of a boss is willing to accept Advice from employees. If you want to be the boss of qualified and preferably, do not hesitate to ask for advice, both positive and negative, of the employees in the office.

Those are some ways you can be the boss who favored employees. Good luck!

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