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Tips How to Make Woman Interested and Pursuing You

A loving relationship requires couples who love each other. But not a few men singles caused by shyness or self-conscious, reserved, or reluctant to express love. There are several ways that you can use, especially for men's singles, in order to the woman's choice, interested and chasing you. What to do? Here are seven tips for women who become your choice, interest and pursuing to love you.

Tips How to Make Woman Interested and Pursuing You

1. Friendly.
Women love when men take action in advance, such as get acquainted. And continue the conversation, but wait, do not rush to declare that you love her. Let everything goes naturally.

2. Out from Friendship Zone
Don't take long time in the friendship zone. Try it once in a while you become flirtatious. If she teased, then teased back. It could be a sign that the response you gave, received by her as well.

3. Let it publicated. 
Let everybody know that you love her. Not a few relationships originated from matchmaking by a friend, if you got gossip, let it be and do not dispute this if you also love her

4. Praise. 
Not a few women who want to get a compliment from someone, especially of you who love her. Then do not hesitate to praise her, and do not talk about things that make she angry.

5. Hang out  friend or community
Do not feel constrained, by the love that is being fought. Play with your friends as usual, and hang out, as usual, which indicates that you are very comfortable. Invite your idol woman to join the community favored by her. And doing a familiar and pleasant conversation.

6. Give Clue.
If you just know and love a woman, do not rush to express the affection. But start by giving Clue that you love her, such as eating together.

7. Focus on you. 
If you are already familiar with her, try to ignore for a moment. And focus on yourself, either with work or other tasks. Let she lost you for a moment, to add a sense of longing.

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