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How to Make Smooth Hair Naturally

Beautiful hair is smootht and shiny. Smooth hair also signifies that the hair healthy. With a smooth and lustrous hair that would make sense of confidence is greater. And you will feel comfortable anywhere and anytime. But most people will use instant ways to make it happen. Using beauty products which contained many of the chemicals These products are actually not make the hair becomes better, but it will make things worse hair. Therefore, you should use the following for maximum results and good

How to Make Hair Smotth Naturally
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1. Banana and honey
How to smooth naturally, you can use the mixture of banana and honey. Banana and honey can provide nutrients to the hair, that is useful to smooth the hair. The way is simple, take a few bananas, then mash until completely smooth. Then add  a tablespoon of honey. Mix it by your hand, and then apply it to your hair and let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse with water until completely clean. This way your hair will be shinier and softer than before.

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is very well known efficacy in maintaining the beauty and health of hair. The Aloe vera's contents are very beneficial for the hair. The trick is take a few pieces of aloe vera, peeled and grab the meat aloe vera, which is like a gel. Put the gel into a container and pulverized. You can add a little water. Use aloe vera such as your hair mask. Apply thoroughly on the hair, and let stand for 30 minutes overnight. Then rinse with water until completely clean. The use of this method on a regular basis, will make your hair more gently because the content of the enzymes contained in the aloe vera.

3. Avocado
In addition to making your hair more smooth, avocado can also make your hair more fragrant. How to soften hair naturally with avocado is ripe avocado pose your one medium-sized fruit. Mash until smooth evenly. Once pulverized, use avocado into a hair mask. Allow the avocado mask is approximately 1 hour, so avocado's contents can be absorbed into the hair and scalp. In order to the results can be maximized, do hair treatment once a week on a regular basis.

4. Using Water Lime Or Lemon
Lemon or lime juice can also be used as a natural ingredient to soften the hair. This is because the lime and lemon is a fruit that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is very good for health and beauty of hair. In addition to make it soft, lemon or lime juice can also make hair become more shiny. The trick is to mix the lime juice or lemon with the water. Pour the water in the last rinse after you finish using a shampoo wash. Allow a few moments and then rinse again with clean water.

Those are some tips that you can do yourself at home. This method is very efficient because the ingredients can easily and how to use them is also not difficult. Besides these methods will not cause negative side effects on your hair.

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