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Tips How to Care Rabbits

Rabbits are adorable animals, and tend to be submissive. If the rabbit is well maintained, it will be domesticated animals, soft and will obey the orders of the owner. But, before we intend to keep it, we need to know first how to take care of rabbits properly. 

Here are Tips How to Care Rabbits

Tips How to Keep and Care Rabbits

1. Pay attention Utterly cage

The first thing you need to keep the rabbit is a cage. There are some requirements that you must meet to create a comfortable and decent cage for your pet rabbit. Make sure that the cage is near a water source, is located in the temperate environment of 15-20 degrees Celsius and humidity figures 60-90%, and far from a wide variety of predators such as snakes, dogs and so forth.

In addition, the enclosure also should get enough sunlight during the morning. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the cage facing east, in order to rabbits can get enough sunlight in the morning. Heat from sunlight has a function to keep the cage still dry, so that it can kill germs present in the cage. Cages should have adequate ventilation for air circulation from the outside or from within. In addition, try to position the enclosure is higher than the surrounding area so that the cage is not flooded during the rainy season arrives, because the floors were flooded and muddy, it could be a nest parasite.

One more thing, make sure the distance of the cage with your home is about 10 meters, so that the smell of feces and urine dont disturb. If you keep rabbits as a hobby (not livestock), you place the cage in the vacant land around the house with the conditions are; sanitation is always maintained clean, safe enclosure around a controlled, quiet, and comfortable.

2. Give Love

Not only human beings who need love, animals are also in need of it. You can do this by hugging and holding. So, the rabbit we will feel happy and comfortable with us. However, we also need to know how to carry it well.

To lift a large rabbit out of the cage, hold back or nape of the neck skin also (neck back) using one of your hands. Then, use the other hand to lift the hips. If the rabbit is still small and young, hold in the skin of his shoulder gently and carefully, do not let the rabbit struggling. Keep your body from the claw hind legs. Remember, never lifted rabbits by holding two ears (one way that we often do). Because, it will make the pain worse and could cause you to be deformed rabbits.

So that the rabbit you always look pretty and clean, give her a bath. Actually, the rabbit can not stand the cold. So it is highly advisable, bathed him with warm water twice in one month. Pour slowly using a hose or dipper. While flushing, gently rub secra rabbit body, so that the water can seep up his skin.
Use baby shampoo to bathe. Gently massage the body, then rinse thoroughly. After that, dry the rabbit's body using a soft towel and dry the wet body hair by using a hair dryer. If we do not have time to bathe, you can take him to the pet shop which serves baths rabbits. One more thing you need to remember, rabbit fur clean and soft will further enhance the appearance. Therefore, it is highly recommended to comb their fur. Do it 2-3 times a week so that his fur is not crumpled and sticky.

3. Pay attention to Health and Safety

Rabbits including nocturnal animals, so they are actively feeding, while at night than in the daytime. Therefore, give eating more at night. For the morning and afternoon should you give them concentrate, grains such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, peanuts and green beans, and tubers are softened. For afternoon and evening, give them feed made of straw and fresh green leaves. Ensure regular eating schedule, so that you awake rabbit health.

Note also the development of your rabbit every day. If the rabbit getting sick, as soon as possible take it to the vet. Indeed prevent the disease will be much better than cure. Also add vitamin supplements to make it more resistant to disease.

What kind of dangers need to consider?

Immediate danger to the rabbit when outside the home is an attack from predators. Enclosure located in the yard can not necessarily guarantee the security of rabbits from predators. Let's say attacks from dogs, raccoons, wild cats, coyotes. Sometimes there are also owls, possums, hawks and weasels (ferret).

Because, almost predatory hunting, when the evenings, so it is advisable to bring a rabbit into the house when the afternoon. Strong enclosure and cover in the park is usually enough to avoid an attack during the day, especially if there are people in the vicinity.

4. Recognize Naturally nature (instinct)

If we let the rabbit often roam the park, Rabbit will shows its wild instinct (instinct) and then dig a hole. If you let it, over time the hole will become increasingly complicated for us to pull out a rabbit from there. This could be a problem if the rabbit you suddenly frightened, sick, injured, pregnant or whatever else you need help immediately. Moreover, in the soil also contains many bacteria that are harmful for the rabbit.

Therefore, it is advisable to put a straw in the cage, with the aim to fulfill their natural instincts. You can also add in the bottom of the cage to prevent him from digging. Once can minimize it, you also have to provide protection from extreme weather (hot or cold at all).

In addition to some of the above, there are some things you should also pay attention to when they want or are raising rabbits. Especially for you beginners.

Do not buy puppies rabbits were still under the age of 2 months. Because it can be easily make rabbits die because their immune are still vulnerable. We often encounter rabbits sold in pet shops or roadside often say that the rabbits have been aged 1 month and some say 2 months. We are not sure of it, because we do not receive a calendar of his birth.

Sometimes traders often lie and say that rabbits are sold already 1 month old. In addition, do you take them on a long journey which is more than 100 km if the age is still below 3 months. Do not believe the myth that rabbits should not be given water to drink. All living creatures need water to drink, especially for puppies rabbits that has just separated from its mother.

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