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Tips How to Choose and Buy Tennis Racket

Choosing a Tennis Racket is not easy. To reduce the frequency of mutually racket, we must consider the variables attached to a racket when selecting. What kind? For those who consider that tennis just as to exercise, the selection of tennis rackets, generally based on price considerations. Physical condition and style of play are often not considered. What happens then, developing the ability to play became slow. That will not happen if he had to pick and choose carefully a tennis racket is the most fitting for him.

Tips How to Choose and Buy Tennis Racket

1. Size
In Sport Store, can certainly be found many different types of tennis racket with a variety of sizes. Type particular racket would be suitable for players who have a certain style of play anyway. Well in any type of racket attached to several variables, namely the hitting area in the head, length, flexibility, material, weight, grip size, and number of woven string. These variables we must consider when choosing a tennis racket. Wide sweet spot on the racket head are available now at least three sizes ie, mid-size, oversize, and super oversize. These measures determine the stability when the racket is used. Just to illustrate, oversized racquet has stability lower than the midsize. The definition of stability is how much grip shaky when the punches missed out hitting the most appropriate area (sweet spot). These variables need to be taken into account because no player can always hit the ball right on the sweet spot, even though the world level players.

Oversized or super oversize racket preferred by recreational tennis players who are generally in a less precise hitting the ball on the sweet spot. Also for doubles tennis player (which many put the game volley at the net). Alternatively, players who like to play serve and volley. Oversize racquet is not very useful for players who tend to play off the back (base liner), namely that always hit the ball that has been bouncing off the surface of the field. Racquet is more appropriate for this type of player is sized midsize.

2. Length
Length racquet is available even now varies between 27 to 28.5 in (about 68.6 to 72.4 cm). Advantages menggunakani long racquet is a better range, especially when performing service. Length racquet ball with the possibility of greater service entry. It is conceivable, wide tall player Pete Sampras and Goran Ivanisevic, whose height above 190 cm will easily thrust ball its service thanks to the advantages of the reach of their hands. Moreover, when using long racquets. Conversely, inhibiting long racquet maneuver in front of the net. The shorter the size of the racket, the more quickly and easily maneuver can be done by the player.

3. Material
Raw materials tennis racket frame is now also increasingly varied. This reflects the continuity of innovation racket makers to fulfill the function of a racket. Racket must be strong to withstand string tension and collision load ball repeatedly. Racket also must be light enough to be easily moved quickly and have high stability. Pertenisan in history, there are many ingredients that have been used in the manufacture of racquet. From wood to titanium. The raw material however also determine its flexibility. Rackets made of wood is rigid (stiff. Materials fiberglass will make the racket to be flexible. Graphite and high-modulus graphite gives rigidity. Kevlar and ceramic also give nature a very rigid, in the racket. Meanwhile, titanium gives the nature of light and strong, on a racket. flexible racket will add power. On the contrary, rigid, will improve the control, because the order is not deflected when colliding with the ball.

Spasticity racket is the next consideration. For these types of players "like a wall", ie, the patient returns the ball but did not have a lethal weapon, flexible racquet very appropriate. Flexible racket will add thrust racquet towards the ball. If we're not a tennis player with such a style, choose a stiff racquet. Do not forget, the weight of the racket must be taken into account as well. Lighter racquet is more suitable for players with less power and require more agile maneuverability

4. Weight
The weight of the racket also varies from light to heavy. Its weight ranging from about 8.5 oz (240 g) as in Wilson Hyper Hammer 3.3 to 13 oz (370 g), such as the Pro Kennex Black Ace Tour. Lightweight racquet will lose stable compared with the weight. However, lighter racket can maneuver more quickly. While the weight will be stable or not easily roll when hitting the ball outside the sweet spot. Because racket now tends to be light, stability tend to also be a victim, so that the stability of the racket is getting more attention in the manufacture of lightweight racket. To improve the stability, the author used various ways. At Prince series Triple Threats for example, applied to the fabric of graphite, titanium, and copper in the frame at the position pk. 2:00, 10:00, and grip. This method is claimed to improve stability. While Wilson never made Perimeter Weighting System, which is a weight on the position pk. 9:00 and 3:00. In the series of carbon used hyper ultra high modulus graphite material at specific points on the chassis.

5. Handle or Grip
When buying a racket, is also advisable to choose a racquet with a smaller grip size of our hands. When will feel less likely still be easily raised by adding a layer of grip. The exact size is so far no loose handrails racket when swung. For players who love playing ball, grip recommended slightly smaller than the normal size.

Tennis racket grip size is also different. The smallest ranging in size around 4 inches (about 10 cm) and go up in increments of 1/8 inch. Commonly mentioned to declare the racket grip size is the number of multiples of 1/8 inch. For example, 4 3/4 in is also called the measure 6. Other variables attached to a racket is balance.

Tennis Racket part diagram
Tennis Racket parts

6. Balance
This balance is divided into three categories, namely heavy handle (head light), balanced event, and heavy head. Heavy Head racket has great momentum and power punches. Examples of this type is Wilson Hammer series. Currently, Event Balance racket is rare. This type rackets provide power from the baseline while adding the ease of maneuverability. One example is the Yonex racket ultimium RQ used Ti-1700 Martina Hingis. 
The player base liner generally prefers heavier racquet head. While the weight of the racquet grip preferably all-court players and pros, because the swing to hit the ball longer (full swing). Now, armed with the above knowledge, the election when buying a racquet will be more focused. We do not need too much to replace the racket to match the style of our game. With a good racket we can strengthen our weaknesses and complement our strength side. Not our play is decreasing, to adapt to the equipment used

7. Woven Strings
Finally the number of transverse and longitudinal woven strings. In this case distinguished on the tennis racket tightly woven (close string) and loosely woven (open strings). The first has woven 18 x 20 (18 longitudinal, transverse 20) and the second has a woven 16 x 18 (16 longitudinal, transverse 18). Excellence is a tightly woven racket ball more focused and strings more durable because of friction between the strings less. The drawback, racquet feels hard or stiff and power needed to hit more. Instead racket with a loose woven produce harder punches (trampoline reflection effect), feels softer, can produce spin. Only, this loosely woven racket strings quickly dropped out because of space and the possibility of friction between the strings is wider.

8. Buy Racket Without strings.
Select without strings. Well, the variables that had kitaketahui, should we consider when choosing a racket that suits our style tennis game. Of course the first thing to remember is not to buy a racket with strings have been attached. We do not know how long the strings have been installed in the racket frame. The longer the stringed racket strung, physical strength in order to hold the racquet string tension is reduced and not in accordance with the written specifications. The strings attached should also more fragile than the new strings. Therefore it is better to buy the frame only, new strings are installed in accordance with our wishes.

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