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Tips How to Make Children to Obey Their Parents

How to teach children to obey their parents is a challenge as well as an art and a skill that must be owned by each parent. Especially at this modern time, where it is not the time to threaten the child either by words or blows. Therefore, each parent should really pay attention to the methods that they use to communicate with their children.

Tips How to Make Children to Obey Their Parents

Here are some tips to educate children to obey their parents without any punishment at all.

1. Teach your child the rules in the form of news sentences, not the command line.
For example, instead of the words "Do not put the book carelessly" with "Book is should put in the bookshelf". The child will not feel as a command object, but they feel cared for and becomes the subject. In the end they will have a sense of responsibility towards their stuff.

2. Explain the rules properly and guide them.
For example, instead of saying "Return the toys into place", say "It is good if you return the toys into place", if he/she refuses, then say, "Let us gather together".

3. When childrens do wrong, so do not lean on their own, but lean on wrongdoing.
For example let's say "This act is not true", but do not say "Whats wrong with you?". Also don't call them by stupid or lazy, because it will hurt their feelings and make feel inferior

4. Respect your child's wishes.
If your child has a desire to have all the toys on display in the store, then say "It's okay you want all these toys, but now choose one, and the other for the next time", or make a deal before going to market "Whatever you see, just only one request granted ". Byi  it, your child will feel that you still consider their wishes.

5. Pay attention to your child and understand that maybe they do not obey your commands because there is a problem with  they experiencing.
Therefore, look for opportunities to talk to them heart to heart. Give them a chance to talk and try not to cut them off.

6. Avoid threatening and bribing
If you use the way threats are constantly so that they obey and soon your child will ignore you so that you threatened them. Likewise "kickbacks" will make it so you do not obey told them "I'll give you a new toy if your room is clean", then obey because they wants a toy is not to help their families or to perform its obligations

7. Give praise and appreciation
Give praise and appreciation when he obey a task and give congratulations to him, "Good" or "Thank you" or "a great job", "Diligent boy", so he will be motivated to do it at another time. If he does the reverse / bad, then say, "your son is diligently cleaned his room was always alone", "a great Look..how she can dance, so you can do it, do not you".

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