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Tips How to Make Easier Memorize the Lesson

Sometimes we feel bored when learning something very tedious to learn, feel tired of having to memorize a lot of lessons, and will be exams. That is the biggest challenge transform and get a score that we want. here's how to make it easier to memorize the lesson:

Tips How to Make Easier Memorize the Lesson

1. Reading
Reading is the key to learning so that you understand. Read the material 2 times a day, ie before and after the material was delivered. The brain is processing the material as much as 3 times would be stored long enough in your brain.

2. Understand
Good learning, it is not just memorize, but it must be understood. You may only memorize a 100% all the details of the lesson, but more important is whether you understand all memorized all the material in it? In order for the study was not quickly forgotten, it is good to first understand the outline of the subject matter before you memorize.

3. Noting the important things
You have to take the essence or the conclusion of each lesson that has been read. The key words that are useful later when the examination, because you have to remember it. By noting the important things that you will remember most of the material.

4. Memorize the keywords.
Sometimes, you are required to memorize the material so much. But there are ways to work around this is to make keyword premises. Make the key words of each rote so easy to remember when you reload the brain.

5. Choose the appropriate learning time.
Time for learning or studying is when your body still fresh. Time study conducted every person is different. But usually, the morning is a good time to concentrate fully. You can use this time to process new materials. Remnants of energy can be used to repeat the lessons and homework
6. Build a comfortable learning atmosphere.
Many things can make you a comfortable learning atmosphere, One of the ways that you can do is choose a quiet place to concentrate. But there are also people who learned while listening to his favorite music. The variety of ways you can do as long as it can create a comfortable and stay concentrated.

7. Forming a study group.
If you get bored studying alone, so you can form study groups. Make a study group consisting of 5 persons. Then, everyone take turns explaining the materials under their control to all other members. Learning atmosphere like this certainly will feel comfortable and exciting.

8. Practice.
At the end of each chapter lesson, usually always given practice questions. Without waiting for orders from the teacher, you can immediately answer all the questions and check the extent to which ability you have. If there are not clear about the question, then you can ask the teacher.

9. Develop material that has been studied.
 If you have to repeat the material and answering questions, so do not immediately close the book. You can create questions that have not been included in the practice questions and ask for help from the teacher to answer it. If not satisfied, then you can look for answers from books or the internet. This can be done so that you're always thinking ahead and critical.

10. Rest.
 Learning is fine but do not forget also provide time to rest. After 30-45 minutes of learning at home, you should get some rest to relax the body and mind. Do not force to learn if the mind is too late because you're just a waste of time.

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