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Tips How to Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorate the Christmas tree has become one of the most interesting parts in welcoming the Christmas celebration. talk about the Christmas tree, Howtomaketips has interesting tips for the friend to decorate a Christmas tree in the house so impressed attractive and elegant.

Tips How to Decorate the Christmas Tree

Here's how to decorate the Christmas tree:

A. Preparing Materials

Before decorating, the first step you should do is to prepare the following ingredients.

1. Christmas tree.
2. Lights.
3. Various Christmas hanger.
4. Scarf plastic beads.
5. Cotton.
6. Gift.
7. doll.
8. Christmas Card.
9. Photos.

The objects above can you get at nearby stores or in mall and purchase online.

B. Step Decorating.

Once the materials are ready, then the next step is to decorate a tree that has been provided. The steps are as follows:

1. Installing the Christmas tree.
The first step is to install a Christmas tree. Before you put up the Christmas tree, you must first determine the type and size of the tree, the tree Also whether natural or artificial.

a. Natural tree.
If you use a natural fir tree, it is advisable to maintain the freshness of the tree. The trick is to cut roomates large tree root, then put the tree in a pot filled with water. Water is very useful to maintain the condition of the tree in order to keep it looking fresh. But keep in mind that the freshness of the trees survive only in a few days. If you use a live tree that had grown in the pot, then you do not need to remove the tree from the pot. You just bring in the tree, but the size of the trees must be adjusted to the size of the room.

b. Plastic Tree
In addition natural tree, you can also wear a plastic pine that can be purchased in stores or malls. The use of plastic tree is much easier. To arrange a plastic tree, you can see it in the guides that are available. Once you determine which trees would you wear, you can put the tree in the appointed place. Small and medium-sized tree can be put on the table, while a large tree would be safer to put on the floor.

2. Install Decorative Lighting.
Once you finish setting up the tree, then the next step is to install lights that you have provided. Christmas lights mounted spiral, which is circled spruce tree starting from the end of the top, to the bottom of the tree branches. Long christmas lights, it is advisable adapted to the size of the tree, so that the circle generated by decorative lights, be in harmony with the tree.

3. Install Scarf Plastic beads.
The next step, you can install scarf beads are made of plastic. How to install the exact same scarf with the installation of decorative lighting. However, the direction of installation should scarf in the opposite direction with decorative lights. If the decorative lights mounted on the top, a circular to the left down to the bottom, so the installation scarf from top to bottom, but in the opposite direction is to the right.

4. Install Hangers Christmas.
The next step is to install the hanger Christmas. When installing Christmas hanger, it is advisable to attach evenly to all parts of the tree, with a hanged one by one. Keep ornament not only hung on one side of the tree, while the other is empty. Because if so, the tree will be impressed bald and spoil the beauty of the Christmas tree. In addition, the size of the hanger Christmas should also be adjusted to the size of a tree.

5. Install cotton.
in order to effect a sprinkling of snow on Christmas trees. You can attach the cotton that has been available in all parts of the tree. Starting from the branches of a tree top to bottom evenly. By gluing cotton must be considered, pasting the cotton must be adapted to the number of objects that have been hanging on the Christmas tree. This is to keep the contents of the Christmas tree did not seem too crowded, because it would give the impression of glamor.

6. Gift of Christmas.
Christmas gift is actually just an ornamental addition. Gifts can be placed at the bottom of the tree and prepared in accordance with individual taste. Thus, the Christmas tree will be impressed romantic.

7. Christmas Doll.
In addition to gifts, you can also put stuffed with a variety of models and shapes according to taste. The existence of dolls will beautify and enliven the Christmas tree.

8. Christmas Cards and Photo.
Christmas cards and photos can be placed around gifts and dolls. Its function is to beautify the tree and create the impression of a friendly with a few sentences written on Christmas cards.

After all the goods attached neatly, then the last step is to turn on the Christmas lights. You will feel the festive impression at this year's Christmas celebration.

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