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Tips How to Make Sharp Nose by Make Up

When makeup, facial parts shortage can be changed by applying makeup illusions. The condition is that you know the correct way to apply makeup, the part that you think are less attractive, not least pug nose can be altered to look more sharp with makeup techniques.

The following apply techniques in order to appear more pointed and sharp nose :

1. Dark foundation
Apply foundation with two levels darker color than the real skin color. The nose piece that must be applied is the tip of the nose and the bones of the mid-brow, down to the very bottom of the nose.

2. Contouring Techniques
Not just Kim Kardashian who can do the technique Contouring on face, you can too! how to apply eyeshadow or bronzer golden brown color on sides of the nose bone, above  both eyebrows and nostrils. Bronzer can make  nose look more slender, but the note is not too much to apply bronzer, because it's look  unnatural. Finally, flatten using a makeup sponge.

3. Never make a shiny nose
Many makeup nose featuring glossy color. Take away from you. Therefore, shiny nose makeup make the nose appear larger. Instead, apply makeup on the matte side of the nose.

4. Divert attention to cheek
Rather than applying makeup excess to the nose, in order to appear more sharp, it is better if you make a diversion, with added shimmer or glitter makeup on the cheeks. This will give the appearance of high cheekbones.

5. Apply powder
For the final look, do not forget to apply the powder in the nose after makeup. Powder will absorb the sweat or excess oil from the nose so as not to look too shiny.

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