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Tips How to Bathe Dog Properly

You may think that bathing the dog looks very complicated and need extra patience. Yes, you could take him to the salon once a week or two weeks, but occasionally try to bathe the pet dog at home, but can save the cost, you can also establish a closer relationship with the pet. Here's a guide to bathing your dog with a comfortable and practical.

Tips How to Bathe and wash Dog Properly

1. Shave dog's fur
  • Shaving the fur on dog feet soles. Fur in this section grows on long-haired dogs, for short-haired dogs, does not grow. The soles of the feet become slippery when fur already covered the entire sole. Shaving fur on the soles of the feet should be done routinely when the dog will be bathed.
  • Just like fur around the feet, the parts around the anus of long-haired dogs also have to cut, to so that dirt does not get caught in the fur, especially when the dog is suffering from diarrhea. Dirt stuck in the fur causes an unpleasant odor. 
  • Cutting just around the rectum just so it looks neat and hygienic. Then comb dog hair beforehand so that no hair still matted when washed with water.

2. Cleaning the ears
  • Use cotton and 70% alcohol, or special cleaning fluid ears are widely available in pet shops.
  • Take a piece of cotton cosmetic and flops by using tweezers. After that, roll the tweezers with a cotton swab. The number of rolls adapted to the size of the dog's ear holes. Exaggerating the cotton tip of the tip tweezers in order not to injure the dog's ears. 
  • A wet cotton swab with 70% alcohol. Do not get too wet so that the alcohol does not enter into the eardrum. To ensure that cotton should be squeezed first so the rest of alcohol could be wasted. 
  • Clean the ear by rotating tweezers on the dirty part.

3. Close the ears
  • To avoid the ear hole of the ingress of water, so we need to clog the ear canal using cotton.
  • Take a cotton taste, and make like a ball with a size slightly larger than the hole and insert the ear with a finger.
  • Use tweezers to position the cotton deeper and make sure that the cotton will not be released when the dog moves.
  • The position of the cotton remains to be seen.

4. Flush with water
  • Do not use sprayer because the water pressure coming out of the sprayer is very high, so it can hurt the dog when exposed to sensitive body parts such as nose or eyes. Although the ears are closed cotton, the water pressure of the sprayer can still penetrate.
  • Use the hose and adjust the water pressure. Start dampen parts of the body so that the dog won't be surprised.
  • Then point the hose toward the head. Slow the flow of water when washing the head.

5. Laundering
  • After the whole body wet, pour the shampoo in all parts of the dog's body evenly. Use the shampoo that has the tearless formula to not sore in the eye. If you are having trouble finding tearless shampoo, you can use baby shampoo for rinse head part, while the body remains, use a shampoo formulated for dogs bark. 
  • Rub all parts, until evenly distributed and frothy. 
  • Use oft brush so that the dirt is easy to clean. You can use a shoe polish brush. Scrubbing should be the direction of the head toward the tail. 
  • Do not forget to clean the rectum with a soft brush because this section is usually found dried fecal droppings.

6. Rinse
  • After the washing is complete, rinse with clean water. Preferably, the process of cleaning with shampoo performed twice so that fur and skin absolutely free from dirt. Make sure no shampoo left behind because it can make the skin and fur damaged.
  • Rinse from the head and continued bottom, especially around the chest and stomach.
  • Dry the dog with a towel that has high absorption.

7. Drying
  • Dry dog ​​using a special blower for dogs. Do not use a hairdryer that is used by humans because of the heat released by the hairdryer can burn the skin and fur of dogs. If you do not have a special blower, you can dry naturally is by drying a place that is not exposed to the sun, and there is airflow. At the time of drying with a blower, consider whether there is a skin disease or infestation.
  • After the dog fur is completely dry, comb using a special comb for dog fur. Consult your pet shop subscription types of combs that are suitable for the type of the dog's fur.

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