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Tips How Piarcing Baby's Ear Healthy and Safety

Baby ear piercing is an option for parents who have daughter. However, there are many opinions in the community who are concerned about whether the baby's ears needs to be pierced or not. But according to some people, piercing the child's ear, should be done after the child is growing up, but some others advise that ear piercing when the child is still a baby because it is better.

Those who say if piercing ears when the child is still a baby better than child, because the baby will quickly forget the pain when pierced. However, pediatricians recommend for ear piercing should wait until children aged 5 or 6 months. In addition parents should also be aware of possible problems that would be caused if the child's ears pierced too early.

Tips How Piarcing Baby's Ear Healthy and Safety

Here's Tips How Piercing Baby ear:

1. Wait until the baby is at least 6 months old before pierced.

2. Make sure the baby is getting full vaccination before getting piercings in his ears.

3. Make sure the baby gets help to reduce pain and discomfort once pierced. Aid is most effective and cost are breastfeeding.

4. Bring the baby to the doctor or a professional piercing to avoid malpractice.

5. Make sure sterile equipment is used for infant health security.

6. You can also choose the piercing techniques whether to use a gun pierced or pierced manually. Most important is the medium used is clean and sterile.

7. Use a 24 carat gold or stainless steel earrings special for the baby the first time after a pierced earring. This is done to prevent the area around the piercing infection.

8. Clean the area around the former piercings with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to avoid infections that may arise after the piercing is an effort that is included in a good way baby's ears pierced.

So to avoid infection need to be considered cleanliness and a good way baby's ears pierced.

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