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Tips How to Care Watch Properly

Watches is accessories that we must have, because, beside has function as timepiece, doesn't be denied that the watch has become a fashion item for both men and women. Even now, it's been a lot of models of watches are diverse, so watch model can be suitable with fashion, ranging from casual to formal. As with other accessories, watches is also important to be treated in order to remain durable and long lasting. Thus, using  watch must not to be rude. Here, it will be revealed how to easily care for your watches, to make it more durable and long lasting.

Tips How to Care Watch Properly

Tips How to Care Watch Properly

1. Keep watch in a dry place
The first easy way that you can do is storing the watch in dry place at normal room temperature. Because, if you keep the watch in place that does not fit, it will reduce the life of your watch. Especially if you put it in a place that has extreme temperatures, too hot, or too cold. Without you knowing it, the temperature will affect the condition of watches. We recommend that you keep your watch in a special box of watches to be more safe and secure.

2. Clean  regularly
Watches also need to be cleaned regularly, if you want that watch quality is good. Cleaning the watch is not as difficult as imagined. Because you need only wet tissue, but not too wet, especially moistened with water. Because cleaning watches with tissue and water, it will damage your watch. Use baby wipes, to remove the sweat that sticks to watches, then wipe again using a dry tissue and let stand a few minutes. Avoid drying with a dryer, because the hot wind will affect the components in your watch.

3. Clean watch straps
Do not forget to wash your watch strap as well, in addition to maintaining its quality, diligently cleaning the strap watch will make you avoid skin irritation caused by bacteria that attach to the hand. But, strap watches should be cleaned in accordance with the material used.

a. Rubber or plastic
To watch straps made of rubber, how to clean it very easy, you just need to clean using soap, then brush using a small brush to remove the remnants of sweat clinging, so that it becomes more clean, does not cause mildew and odor. Then be dried immediately.

b. Cloth or canvas
Watchstrap made of cloth or canvas, you can clean them with a toothbrush and soap, then dry using newsprint, in order to more quickly dry and leaves no odor. After that, just dried by means aired for a few minutes.

c. Stainless
For strap watches with pure stainless steel, clean strap watches with a brush, especially on the sidelines of a watch strap to remove the remaining - the rest of the sweat that sticks, then be dried immediately.

d. leather
To care leather strap is a little bit different, use a damp cloth to clean strap , then, dry again using  dry cloth. To be more durable, always apply lotion for treating leather goods, at least once a week.

4. Keep watch from magnet area 
If accidentally you often put your watch near electronic goods such as televisions, refrigerators, fans, microwave and others, should immediately get rid of these items. 

5. Cover with tissue
If you sweat easily, especially in the area of the wrist, it is better if the pad first before wearing a watch with a tissue soft fabric. This is done in order to watch is not directly in contact with the skin. Because of the salt content of sweat, which is attached to the watch strap can corrode or rust on the watch. Especially if the watches are made of stainless steel are susceptible to rust.

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