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Tips How to Enlarge Breast Naturally and Quickly

Today, the large breast is one indicator for women is considered sexy, beautiful, and interesting. therefore, breast size will greatly affect the appearance of a woman. So, today, there are many women who do breast augmentation surgery transplantation. Nonetheless, enlargement with the transplant operation is of course also has the disadvantage that the cost and impact on health.

In fact, there are many ways you can do to get a beautiful breasts, taut, and certainly with a larger size. Therefore those who want larger breasts, you should need to know how to enlarge breasts naturally.

Tips How to Enlarge Breast Naturally

Tips How to Enlarge Breast Naturally and Quickly

1. Breast Massage Therapy
Massaging the breast is one way a natural breast enlargement can result medically proven. first you need the real need is to spend some time, at least 15 to 30 minutes each day. Necessary diligence and patience to get the maximum results. As for how to do this massage is, by doing massage breast move in opposite directions. In addition to the twist, you can also make a move up and down. To get the maximum results, do this massage every morning, after or before bathing.

2. Fennel
In addition, by performing breast massage therapy, how to enlarge breast naturally is by making herb fennel leaves. To make the herb of fennel leaves, you can use Fennel leaves or seeds. If using fennel leaves, fennel leaves finely smash until creamed and use as scrubs. but if you use fennel seeds, you can eat them directly. Commonly fennel seeds are often used as the main ingredient supplement breast enlarger. Fennel leaves contain high flavonoids and anehole which are able to increase estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that can promote the growth and development of women's breasts.

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3. Egg White
Egg whites can also be used as ingredient to enlarge breast naturally.  apply egg whites as scrubs evenly to all parts of the breast also massage and light sequences the breasts. After that, let up all night. at the next morning, you can rinse with warm water. Perform flushing with circular massaging motion. For maximum results, these activities should you do at least 3 times a week.

4. Milk and ginger
Use a mixture of milk and ginger as a way of raising the breasts naturally. The content of natural estrogen, progesterone substances, and prolactin in the milk can increase milk production mammals, including humans. In addition, milk also has a high protein content, therefore, if you regularly consume milk, so its not impossible if your breasts will be growing big and solid.

Ginger contains many substances that are beneficial to the body, including increasing the size of women's breasts. the content of which is in the ginger and some spices are able to produce estrogen, so you can use ginger as natural way of raising your breast.

How to enlarge breasts naturally is to use milk and ginger, mix ginger collision that has been baked into the milk without sugar. After that, leave the mixture of milk and ginger overnight. Then, you can drink this potion, regularly every night.

5. Cucumber
Cucumbers can also be used to enlarge breasts naturally. Cucumber has vitamins A, C, and B2 which proved to be very good for the skin, which would also provide nutrients for the skin and breast tissue. How to use cucumber to raise breast is mixed with other natural materials such as natural honey, lemon, mint, yogurt, avocados, tomatoes. Also lemon and egg white.
Generally, cucumbers can be mashed together with ingredients mixture on top. After that, and apply to your breast evenly and let stand for 20 to 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

6. Exercise
Besides using the methods above, to enlarge the breast, there can also perform a variety of activities and specific activities, such as sports, for example. Sports weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming is a type of exercise that is recommended to increase the size of women's breasts.

However, to have large breasts, you should have to maintain your weight, because if your weight is less or light, fat reserves in the body will also be reduced, as a result, the breasts will shrink.

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