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Tips How to Buy Washing Machine

Washing machine is a household appliance that has become a must-have. By washing machine, laundry until drying the clothes can be done automatically without spend a lot of time and effort. It is advisable to know the types of washing machines, advantages and disadvantages, in order to suitable with what you need.

Here are tips to buy washing machine

Tips How to Buy Washing Machine
Washing Machine

1. Material Tubes
Material tube of the washing machine is very important, because these devices will be used in the long term, about 3 years old. There are two types of materials used in the manufacture of washing machines are plastic tubes and stainless Steel. Among the plastic materials and stainless Steel, of course, the more durable is stainless Steel. Stainless Steel ist anti-rust and will be more resistant to decay, especially resistant to rotation of the dryer very quickly.

2. Adjust Capacity Washing Machine meets the needs and the number of people in the family
The capacity of the washing machine must also be considered because it will affect the price and the electrical power used. The greater capacity of the engine, usually the price will also be more expensive and the use of electrical power is also getting bigger.
In order not vain, choose washing machines with a capacity corresponding to the amount of laundry. For example, a washing machine with a capacity of 6 kg can be used to wash the clothes belonged to 1-3 persons. Meanwhile, if the amount of more than 4 people, you should select the washing machine with a capacity of 8 kilograms or more.

3. Brand
On tips buying washing machine, we advise you to choose brands that are well known. This does not mean that new brands are bad. However, it aims to minimize the risk of damage because there is no doubt that the brand does affect the quality of the washing machine.

Recommended  Washing Machine Brands
1. LG

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4. Electrical Capacity
Before buying a washing machine, do not forget to pay attention to the electric power required so that the machine can operate optimally. Do not get when buying a washing machine advanced, but when operated even interfere with other home activities due to insufficient electrical power. If your home's electrical power of about 1000 watts, it is advisable to choose a semi-automatic washing machine 2 (two) tubes. But when a large electrical power of about 2000 watts, it is not an issue when selecting an automatic washing machine 1 (one) because the tube type washing machine that can ease your task.

5. Features and technology
 Different types of washing machines, also different features offered. Since the development of more advanced technology, the electronics company often embed multiple advanced features in the production of goods that will facilitate the process of operation. Modern washing machines are equipped with various features, such as features for controlling the laundry through a smartphone or feature other washes. Make sure you really need the features in the washing machine. If not, look for another washing machine that provides the features you really need.

Now, almost all feature a washer dryer machine, or a machine squeezer. In the washing machine with the normal price of the machine is generally only squeeze water from clothes. The clothes still require draining are dried for about 2 hours under the hot sun. This tumble dryer is very simple, but very helpful at all. If you prefer to manually drying laundry, choose washing machines dryers feature that is not there, and of course the price is cheaper.

washing machine technology is currently divided into two types: automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic type you can ensure that only little intervention you to wash until the leaching process is complete. Semi-automatic type requires human intervention ranging from dry up, move, and several other processes.

6. Select Size
The size of washing machines is also an important point that must be considered before buying a washing machine. Because, do not let you buy a washing machine that can not be put in place that you provide. Before buying, the first measurement point that you provide at home. After being in an electronic goods store, choose a washing machine that has dimensions corresponding to the space already available that will not take up much space too.

7. Duration of the warranty
There is no guarantee that the new electronic items will be preserved until the next 5 years. Therefore, it is very important for the buyer to take into account the length of the guarantee given when purchasing electronic goods. This warranty is given by the authorized warranty electronics brand itself. In general, the new washing machine received the official guarantee of at least 1 year.

8. Budget
Well, before buying a washing machine, calculate the budget . Do not let you buy a washing machine at a price that exceeds your budget because later it will aggravate your monthly expenses.

If you want a washing machine, but your funds is still lacks, you can postpone the desire to have a washing machine until you have enough funds. However, if your need it urgently, choose a washing machine at a price that suits your funds.

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