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The Best Tips How to Overcome Stuttering in Children

Stuttering is a speech disorder that generally occurs in children. This condition usually occurs only temporarily or only in childhood only. However, this condition can persist into adulthood. Get to know how to overcome stuttering in children, so that children can communicate fluently.

In most children, stuttering is actually one part of learning to use words and language. This condition generally can heal itself without the need for expert assistance. However, in some children, this condition may continue to occur until adulthood.

The definitive cause of stuttering in children is not yet known with certainty. But allegedly, stuttering occurs due to the mixing of various factors. Factors such as neurological, genetic, and stuttering during development.

Risk factors for stuttering in children can also increase if in the family there is one or more persons with the same conditions, a child stutters for more than six months, as well as the child has other problems in communicating. In addition, boys tend to be more at risk for stuttering than girls.
The Best Tips How to Overcome Stuttering in Children
The Best Tips How to Overcome Stuttering in Children

How to overcome stuttering in children

Stuttering can cause diverse effects for the child. Starting from problems communicating to the psychosocial impact on children. How to overcome stuttering in children following:

1. Notice Children Speak patiently.
Deal with children who stutter need more patience. Listen carefully and deliberately what your child speak. Don't let him feel you are annoyed or impatient to hear him speak. In addition, as much as possible to avoid cutting the conversation or continue to ask what he wanna say.

2. Talk Calmly and Slowly.
In addition to notice what he says, try to speak calmly and slowly. Make a home atmosphere became quiet, comfortable, and ask other family members to also talk calmly to your child.

3. Avoid Use These Words.
When you know your child has a stutter speak, you might want to say. "Speak slowly", or "Please speak more clearly" but it is recommended to avoid saying them. In order to your children doesn't lose his confidence.

4. Invite Your Child to Read.
You can also invite your child to read out loudly. Reading out loudly can teach your child to breathe properly while talking. Although it may initially be difficult, try to help him slowly.

Also, try to take more times to talk alone with your child. This is expected to help in dealing with the problem in communicating. Although this condition can be lost in a matter of months, but if the stuttering persists after more than six months, please consult it to the experts.

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