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Mountain Hiking Tips For Beginner

Mountain hiking is an activity that can be done by anyone,  men, women, children, even elderly can perform these activities. Mountaineering activities need special preparation, after all, the paradigm of mountain hiking is we play in the wild is an unusual place inhabited by humans.

Here are some tips for beginner and experienced hiker. Mountaineering activities not only on activity Trekking, summit, the photos at the top, back to basecamp. But there is a value that we can take the meaning as: live the life paradigm, the intention is in mountaineering course we want to get to the top though through all kinds of trials such as severe incline, selfishness, thirst, hunger, sleepiness, weather constraints, injury, heavy loads and so on. This paradigm is similar to the concept of our real life. In life, we want to reach the peak of life as a great career, high school, glorious achievement. Of course to achieve all that we would pass the obstacles and trials. By hiking a mountain, we would understand as this was our life micro in the real world.

In addition, many lessons can we take from mountain hiking as restrain selfishness, teamwork, tolerance, mutual help, mental and physical exercise and train our body and soul in order to become a man who mantab physical and spiritual.

Mountain hiking is one of the hobbies that were increasingly prevalent and much-loved. Mountain hiking activities, as well as other activities in the outdoors, always full of exciting adventures, even sometimes extreme.

Because of that, before hiking and hiking, every climber must perform thorough preparation. Do not let activities aimed to gain experience and self-satisfaction, the adverse consequences for themselves climbers and nature. Mountain hiking tips for beginner climbers, the following may help prepare the ascent of the mountain.

Mountain Hiking Tips For Beginner
Mountain Hiking Tips For Beginner

1. Planning
The first tip is to plan carefully hiking. The choice of location, route, weather conditions, number of climbers, duration, will affect the supplies and equipment that must be prepared. Don’t forget to get official permission from the relevant parties.

2. Prepare physic and mental
The next tips is to prepare physically and mentally like to exercise regularly so that the body was not surprised when doing the climb.

3. Learn the terrain and routes 
Mastery of the terrain and routes is a very important thing. At least one group of mountain hiking there must be more than one person who truly have mastered the terrain and know the routes and hiking trails.

4. Prepare supplies effective and efficient
Supplies should be adapted to the location, route, duration, number of climbers or hiker and weather conditions. However, some essential equipment diantarany: special bag climbers (carrier), trekking shoes, jackets, raincoats, mattress, sleeping bag, change of clothes, lighting equipment such as flashlights, lighters, tents, plastic bags, stoves and cooking utensils mini, means of communication, water, and survival equipment and medicines.

Set heaviest items at the top, while the lighter items at the bottom. This setting is useful for when the carrier is used, the heaviest burden is on the shoulders, not at the waist, so it wont make we are tired by improper packing.

Luggage before it entered the bag, wrapped in advance using plastic bags. Tips to prevent goods being wet (functioning as a water repellent coating) or mixed with equipment or dirty and wet clothes that have been used.

5. Set the logistics management and sufficient foodstuffs
Bringing food tips in mountain hiking is also important. Bring lighter, compact but enough calories food. Also fast food which have been cooked. Don’t bring and consume alcoholic beverages because although warm but alcohol can trigger the outbreak of capillary blood because blood capillaries expand too quickly in the body. 

6. Get permit and report  
Before hiking, must report to and get permission from relevant parties, especially in the post hiking. In this post, please fill out the guest book with a long list of hiking, complete address and telephone number of a relative or friend who can be contacted in the event of a disaster in the mountain. Once back (down) from mountain hiking, don’t forget to report again to the Ascent Pos. 

7. Do not destroy nature and protecting the environment as well as possible. 
Enjoy the beauty of nature without damaging or hurting nature would be more beautiful. Therefore during the climb to avoid actions that could damage the beauty and balance of nature such as graffiti action (vandalism), indiscriminate cutting down of plants, animal capture, picking flowers (such as edelweiss), and non-organic garbage dispose.

Garbage, especially plastic waste generated during ascent should be collected in plastic bags and bring down and thrown to trash when the post hiking. These tips accordance with the motto which is usually held by the nature lovers: do not ever leave anything on the mountain except footprints and memories.

By doing these mountain climbing tips above, hiking can be done, though by beginners, can be carried out according to expectations, and inevitably from things that are not desirable, such as getting lost or hypothermia. Because, in principle, a mountain hiking is not just to reach the top of the mountain alone, but also must be able to return home.

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