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Tips How to Buy House Without Installment to Bank

In times like today's increasingly difficult when an employee with a mediocre income would like to have a home. In addition it is difficult to allocate its budget, the price of the house from time to time also constantly increasing. Solution in general is doing mortgages (mortgage), both with interest (floating rate), and the interest is fixed (fixed rate).
Actually there are some creative ways and strategies to do so could have a house without having installment in the bank.

Tips How to Buy House Without Installment to Bank
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 Here are Tips How to buy House without Installment to Bank

1. Colleagues
The first thing to do is to get acquainted with colleagues working in real estate and properties. It is good for ease of affairs and knowledge around the house and land, as well as legal factors that enveloped them. From them you can find out the type of home and location which you want, and the current and future price, when you've been saving and investing.
Once you know what kind of home you want, then you apply the following creative strategies:

2.Angel investors. 
Angel investors Is the person or institution that would help buy the home you want, selflessly and without usury. That is, the person concerned does not take a penny in his pocket, and help simply because they want to get a reward from God. It is rather difficult in the era of the all-seeking today. But, if we are sensitive, there's always people like this around us. Even for them, the unknown, the happier they could help.

Thus, each month you can repay without having overshadowed by fear of defaults and foreclosures, as it is commonly feared when installments through the bank. All you need is the personal integrity to pay off debts without the flowers.

3. Investment in the real sector.
If today you are used to living with the financial market investment or paper assets, with the growth rate of 15-30 percent per year, why not try to do business in the real sector by selling halal products that are popular with the public ?.

By becoming a distributor that has a lot of network agents, and a growing number of agents who work for you, the more profit you get so that it can later buy your dream home.

4. Property agents. 
With the increasing number of middle class is growing from day to day growing rapidly, the need for housing is also increasingly urgent.Otomatis, demand for home sellers organized or Property Agent, also increased. This could be a creative way but it takes persistence to get the commissions that range 1-3% of the selling price of the house, which, if continued, could buy your dream home.

5. Sweat equity developers. 
Not much to pursue a profession in the field of developers. In addition to the necessary time to understand its workflow to be able to produce, also not a little capital to be issued. But with sweat equity capital knee developers aka developer, you can have your dream house. How, you collect two types of owners, the land owner and the owner of money, who would you use for operational costs and promotion costs makeshift office, then make a deal, if you can get a buyer, of course with the support of the investors, then one of the houses that will built is yours. "

It takes a minimum of two years to make it happen, at least not during this period, you become more proficient in the field of property.

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