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Tips How to Drink Coffe Safely

Coffee is one type of fruit used for the drink. But not entirely drink coffee is safe for the human body. It depends on the human condition and how to drink or consume it. Not arbitrary in the consumption of coffee, because it can be harmful to the drinker. How to consume coffee healthy and beneficial, or at least keep the hazards of drinking coffee. These are Tips How to Drink Coffe Safely:

Tips How to Drink Coffe Safely
Tips How to Drink Coffe Safely

1. Determine the kinds of coffee

In this world, there are two kinds of coffee most often consumed, namely: Arabica and robusta. Arabica coffee can be recognized by the display light taste and smell very fragrant coffee. While robusta has a stronger flavor and is usually presented in the form of espresso. Coffee drinkers should know about the two types of coffee. Because to enjoy it was not indiscriminate. Generally, Robusta coffees are very well enjoyed in the morning. Because it would give a boost of energy and enthusiasm to the drink. As for the types of Arabica can be enjoyed in the early afternoon. Arabica coffee, actually quite safe for gastric ulcer patients because it has lower caffeine content. It has been proved by some people who have heartburn but still safe when consuming coffee Arabica.

2. Determine the dose

Most studies reveal that drinking 300mg of caffeine (about 1-3 cups of coffee a day) does not have adverse effects on healthy people. The high caffeine content in coffee can indeed be toxic, and the hull has a specific limit to tolerate caffeine consumed. Some argue that the safe limit of daily caffeine consumption is not more than 600 ml, equivalent to 4 cups of black coffee arabica (180ml). If you usually consume robusta coffee has caffeine levels two times higher than Arabica, then simply drink 2 cups of coffee robusta (180 ml) each day. If too much of the content of the coffee that goes into the body of excessive and exceeds the standard threshold, it can cause intoxication (poisoning) caffeine, and create muscle spasms, panic, impaired heart rate, and psychomotor turmoil—the following comparison of the Caffein levels of several types coffee.
- Coffee Robusta: 2.48%
- Coffee Arabica: 1.08%

3. How to serve

a. Avoid adding sugar and artificial sweeteners, and avoid the addition of liquid and powdered creamer. Drinking coffee becomes unhealthy when added sugar and creamer is too much. It is recommended to drink black coffee than a similar coffee cappuccino, latte, frappuccino and etc. because these have too much sugar.
b. Use boiling water.
c. For patients with ulcers, they should drink coffee in a cold state. Cold coffee is safe for consumption for ulcer patients. Because when cold coffee, coffee powder precipitate will drop down, allowing you to not drink the coffee powder.

4. Determine the appropriate time to consume coffee.

Coffee is best consumed after 9 am. Because at that time, the body's need to balance the hormone cortisol. The function of this hormone is to regulate the level of stress. In the morning, when you wake up, the hormone cortisol which produced by the body is high—so no need to balance the amount of the hormone cortisol. Because caffeine is a function of increasing the number of stress-regulating hormones, if you consume coffee in the morning, cortisol levels will be higher. The high amount of cortisol hormone will make your body feel addicted. I think you will be weak throughout the day if you do not consume coffee. And certainly, excessive coffee consumption can negatively affect heart health.

5. Recognize the condition of the body

Recognize the condition of the body is very important to consume coffee because of caffeine whose effect on the body, which increased gastric acid and increased blood pressure. If you have gastritis, it is advisable to drink coffee after the meal and choose the low caffeine coffee.

Caffeine causes increased brain activity and the release of the hormone epinephrine. Hormones epinephrine can increase cardiac work, add blood pressure, blood circulation, and remove glucose from the liver. So, for those who have the disease high blood pressure and heart, it is advisable to avoid drinking coffee.

When the body perceives danger signal from the effects of drinking coffee, in the form of anxiety, sleep disorders, and mood disorders (e.g., irritability), then caffeine withdrawal marked experiencing a throbbing headache. Still, these symptoms will disappear within 24-48 hours.

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