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Tips How to Read Minds of Others

The ability to read minds of others and understand their mood is very useful in anyway conditions. This will make us are easier to communicate with other person, to avoid comments or actions that could hurt them, and make us look more sympathetic. So, roughly, is there any effective method to do it?

Tips How to Read Minds of Others
Tips How to Read Minds of Others

Here are some tips how too read minds of others through body language. By paying attention to their body language, we can predict a person's feelings and moods, and take appropriate action. Here are the signs to watch out for:

1. The distance between both of you

This method is the easiest way to understand the minds of others, whether they feels safe and comfortable around you, whether they considered that you as someone who can be trusted, and whether they have the intention to assume you're more than friends. Note the distance at which you are both talking. Try to get close, and if they do not keep their position, most likely they feels safe with you. To find out if a woman interested in you, try approaching, and when talking lean your body towards her. If she does not get away, and leaned back toward you, then most likely there are signs of interest in her against you.

2. Head Position

Your head position things to consider to read others minds, and it is one of the easiest signs to read. Head slightly inclined to the right or to the left signify sympathy. If followed by smile, there is possibility that people try to make friends with you, or more. The position of head down usually indicates that a person feel embarrassed, or trying to hide something. This body language can also indicate distrust of the words you say, if followed by eye movements to avoid the gaze of you.

3. Eyes Expressions

Expressions and language eye movements are most often used to detect the characteristics of the lie. Eyes that do not dare look straight in the eyes of others is a strong indication that people are lying. Dilated pupils indicate that the person is interested in the topic you are talking about. Eyes downcast indicate discomfort, whether it's a shame, low self-esteem, or even anger. If someone continuously cast his eyes down while talking to you, try to analyze the cause, and Melt the situations by changing the subject, or to talk about things they like.

4. Mirroring

Called "mirroring" is the act of someone imitating your movements and body language unconsciously, eg sitting position, the position of the feet, and the way put a hand.. This technique is usually also often used by people who are aware of it to manipulate the minds of others and make they feel more comfortable.
Notice: people whom are you make conversation. If they are in sitting position like you're doing, then try to change your position. If inadvertently they return to match your new sitting position, there is a possibility they like and try to make you feel comfortable nearby.

5. Hand Position

Hands crossed in front of chest (folded) followed by a slightly wider leg opening, indicates that someone wants to show dominance. If followed by the eyes that looked down, most likely means that the person is upset or bored. There is also the possibility of this body language indicates that he felt uncomfortable with he appearance.
Note:Palm Position. If the palm of one's hand looks clenched tightly, They are holding the pent emotion, whether anger, sadness, or boredom. If someone constantly staring at his hands or use it to touch his body parts over and over, he is trying to make him feel calm.

6. Small movements

There are a variety of small movements that you can observe to read people's minds. Movement with palms touching hair in the middle of a conversation to indicate a person like you. But if the movement is followed by a raised eyebrow, the person is not agree with the opinion you express, but in no mood to say.
Some people also do things like nail biting, playing with their hair, or wiggle their body whenever you feel nervous or anxious. It is a sign that you should try to make they feel more comfortable.

7. Foot

Leg and Foot position can also be a sign that you can read. If someone looks are tapped his toe on the floor repeatedly, he is bored, insecure, and want to move from activity that is being done. Someone who was sitting with legs crossed position indicates he is relaxed and casual.
Note also the position of one's feet while standing. If he looks to position his feet in meeting state and adjacent to each other, it is a sign that he wants to look formal, polite, and try to show respect for the interlocutor .

8. Facial expressions

Facial expression is an indication of the easiest to read. If someone bright-faced, could mean that he is happy. If it looks gloomy, most likely he has a problem. However, you should also be aware that the facial expression is the most easily manipulated by others. People could easily pretend excited to make their face look brighter and a lot of smiles. Therefore, you better focus on small movements of their face, such as eyebrows and lips rather than focus on the overall expression.

9. Voice Tone

Changing tone volume and tempo, indicates many things. Sound that slowly became low volume indicates that the person is saying something that is important to him. If the tempo (speed) talk someone slows down, he expects you to listen carefully.
People who lie usually also speak with a splutter, the faster tempo and followed by the addition of volume. Note: the way they speak, whether in it there are signs of boredom or hesitations.

10. Hold control

To read other people's minds, the easiest thing to do is to try to hold control of everything around you both. Starting from the environment, the topic of conversation, to the position of your talk. To better understand the other person, and read his mind, try to change the things that you control. For example, to change the subject, change the seating position, proposing a variety of new things, and so on. If the person seems excited that she wanted to leave the current condition. Conversely, if he seemed reluctant and hesitant, then it means that he is more like the situation now.

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