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Tips How to Reduce Using Fuel in Car

The price of gasoline is expensive more and more,  so it makes expenditure finance is increasing. So as not to add fuel to make financial problems, the car owner can do some things to reduce the using fuel in their car so spending cost more controllable. Reduction in fuel use also can help reduce air pollution and global warming. Amid worsening of weather caused by global warming, a little help is a great benefit of the earth. Therefore, consider some tips below.

Tips how to reduce using fuel in car
Tips how to reduce using fuel in car

Tips How to Reduce Using Fuel in Car

1. Reducing Using Car
The best way to reduce using fuel of course, is to reduce the use of cars. Using car only for purposes that are really important. Don't use car only for swirling without a clear direction and purpose. Drive straight to the goal and avoid congestion. If possible, use one car together when going to the same destination. If not required, don't turn on the car because of the lap key to start the car also will require about half glass. Do not let car machine turn on too long in a state postion. If you have a car with a modern machine, you do not need to warm up it in advance but directly use it. However, this does not apply to old cars that are still in need of heating machine before use it.

2. More Fast Driving, More Fuel Needed
More greater energy which car needed, more fuel is used. If driving at high speed, so using fuel will be higher as well. Get used to driving at a slower speed than usual. Besides being more economical, driving more slowly will be more secure. Obviously, the speed must also be tailored to the circumstances, for driving on the highway should be able to follow the rules of minimum speed limit.

3. Eliminate Bad Habit, Maintenance Good Habit
In addition to driving more slowly, you also need to eliminate the habit of putting the foot on the brake when the car is running. Some people often put a foot to the brake, although not necessary in order to facilitate the foot if it should be immediately braked. Foot is placed on the brakes may provide a little pressure to the brake which makes use of fuels into energy used wasteful because great but the speed is reduced because the brake trampled.

Another habit that should be maintained is to drive smoothly. Try to drive at a steady pace. Do not driving fast on a busy road, causing the brakes to be frequent. While the vehicle on the brakes and then had to accelerate the vehicle back would have required more power. When the turn must be done delicately.

4. Checking Tire and Wind Filter Pad
Sometimes, the car can not be driven smoothly because the tire shortage of wind or lack of balance on the tires. This situation is usually not too conscious but could have an effect on fuel use, therefore, check tires and fill the tire up to the recommended pressure. Balancing and spooring tires are also required to maintain the balance of the tire so that driving becomes easier.

Condition wind filter pad car can also affect fuel use. Dirty air filter will make the engine less powerful so that more fuel is needed to obtain the desired speed. Therefore, make sure your car is always the air filter is clean.

5. Reduce Car Load
The last way is to reduce the load in the car. Try to check the trunk and inside the car carefully. If there are items that are not needed, immediately remove these items so that cars become lighter and takes less energy to move it. If you want to save fuel, do not make cars for storage of goods

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