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Tips on How to Overcome Nervousness at Job Interviews

Called for job interview, certainly is eagerly awaited  job seeker. After submitting applications to various companies, eventually companies invited for job interview. Surely job seeker will feel nervous and excited incredible, especially if they are fresh graduates who will come to the first job interview. Feeling nervous when interviewed is a major limiting factor that makes failure. Feel nervous during a job interview is reasonable, but don’t let fear and nervousness  affect performance in front of the interviewer..
Consider the tips below to help to relieve nervous during job interview

Tips on How to Overcome Nervousness at Job Interviews
Tips on How to Overcome Nervousness At Job Interviews

Tips on How to Overcome Nervousness At Job Interviews

1. Prepare Everything  completely
Prepare all completely that is related to a job interview , it is effective to reduce nervousness. Preparation starts with finding out what the company and the position you are applying. If you have knowledge of these things, you will be more confident when interviewed.

Through the Google search engine, you can find out in detail about the company that you are applying. For additional information, you can also find out about the person who will be interviewing you. The job interview is like taking a test, to get good grades you need to learn first before acting.

2. Keep Giving Training Answers
After you get enough information, the next step is preparation for questions that would roughly leveled by interviewer. You can expect questions that will arise from the information you collect. Of course, you also have to prepare answers to questions such as the standard background or why you resigned from the job earlier. Pack your answer as attractive and as clearly as possible.

Average error of job seekers is that they underestimate the interview stage and think to fabricate free when the interviewer asks unexpected questions. In fact, every interview presents a different experience with each other.

3. Ready Facing Unexpected Events
There are many things that might derail your  interview, such as sudden rain, road accidents or stained clothes. You can’t change what's going to happen tomorrow, but you can make preparations to face the things that can not be predicted. For example, when you get a job interview but you're not sure where the location of the company, you can ask directly to representatives of the companies that contact you regarding the exact location and stop or an icon of what is nearest location. Don’t stay up all night before a job interview. So you can get up early and leave early to avoid traffic jams.

To prepare for bad weather, don’t forget to check the weather forecast. Don’t forget to always carry an umbrella in the bag, to deal with the rain that had come walkin. Prepare everything, including preparation for unexpected events, helping to calmer face job interview.

4. Always Positive Thinking
Eliminate Negative Thinking, by always being optimistic during the recruitment process. Always imagine that you can answer the question HRD confidently from the start until the end of interview process work. Quoted from the phenomenal  book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, when you think positive, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Always think positive things when you start to fear and doubt.

Already trying to think positive, but still afraid to face a job interview? Remember that the HRD companies are already interested about you even before the interview process! Because you were invited for the interview process by a single reason. Someone in the company you are interested send CV and perhaps you would fit the position. Always believe in the ability that you have.

 5. Set Breathing
Setting correct breathing can also help relieve tension. This is due to oxygen entering the blood stream will soothe the mind and body, while the effect is the interview process you can think calmly and can do their best.

When you're still nervous to face the interview process, perhaps breathing techniques for next five minutes can help. Strapping Stand straight with your eyes closed and place your hands on your stomach. Try to inhale through the nose and feel the air coming into the abdominal cavity and then exhale through the mouth. Perform this simple relaxation process for five minutes to reduce nervous you feel.

6. Slowly
Slowly Intended here is when you answer the questions the interviewer does not need to rush to respond. Think carefully what answer would you give. Know that the question of the interviewer is so that they know whether you fit the position you are applying or not. The key is to use your time to think of a suitable answer to the questions asked, especially when the interviewer asked challenging questions.

When you feel nervous, don’t hesitate to tell the interviewer. The interviewer will understand and will not knock you, maybe this could also lighten the atmosphere as tense as the job interview process takes place. Although you feel excited, don’t forget to smile!

7. Move On from Failed Interview
Sometimes, the biggest enemy is not from outside factors, but is within ourselves. Although you have prepared everything well and perfect, maybe you face a job interview later walk not according to plan. When that happens, do not be discouraged and do not blame yourself. Make these failures and lessons to learned as well in which parts make if it were to fail. Fix the parts so that you will not repeat the same mistakes in your next job interview. Remember, even if you fail, this doesn’t mean the end of the world. There is still a lot of work waiting for you.

The job interview is an essential stage in the recruitment process. So no wonder, you will feel nervous and sometimes even afraid to pass through. Don’t worry, the reality is not as tense as a job interview like what was envisioned. Provided that you have prepared everything carefully and do not panic, then certainly you doing the interview will run successfully. Make job interview process as you get to know further process the company that will be your place later career.

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