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Tips How to Care Car Power Steering

Power steering has become a standard steering for all types of cars. Power steering system allows the driver, to drive the front wheels. This is needed especially when the car is driven, the big cars. Power steering system itself uses a hydraulic system. Hydraulics is the technology transfer of power by utilizing fluid pressure to move an object. 

Tips How to Care Car Power Steering

Here howtomaketips review tips How to care car power steering.

As a standard system in the car, it helps us keep the power steering can be preserved, so that driving can always comfortable. There are some tips you can try:

1. Turn the steering wheel to slow or medium speed. Do not turn the steering wheel too quickly. If you must turn, reduce the speed before the turn. The hydraulic system will move slowly when we move the steering wheel slowly so that the components of the power steering will be more durable.

2. Count how many you turns the steering wheel straight position to the right and left positions. Lower your steering wheel round when nearing the end of the round. This prevents the pressure rises suddenly and prevent power steering components wear faster.

3. Avoid turning the steering wheel to the full in a long time. This usually happens when the car reversed on a narrow road. When waiting for the roll should turn the steering wheel a little bit towards the opposite. Full rotate and hold the steering wheel in addition to making the power steering pressure becomes maximum, can also make the engine work to be heavy and wasteful of fuel.

4. Avoid turning the steering wheel, while stepping on the break pedal. If you are on the inclined surface (slope or derivative) should use the handbrake. Handbrake just lock the rear wheels, so that the front wheel is still free to move.

Turn the steering wheel when the car is running. Steering load will be lighter when the car is running, 5. resulting in fuel savings.

Treat regularly device power steering your vehicle in your subscription garage.

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