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Tips How to Choose and Care Exercise Towel

Do you have hobbies like exercising, playing basketball, jogging? If the answer is yes, Towel is a equipment must be carried in sports bags. For exercising, it is necessary to have a small towel to wipe sweat, towels for bathing, also multifunctional towels which can be used as a tool for exercise.

Tips How to Choose and Care Exercise Towel
Tips How to Choose and Care Exercise Towel 

Tips How to Choose Towel for Exercise

In exercise, towels plays a fairly important. Towels can be used to warm and cold compresses on the injury. Its also often used to keep the legs warm and relaxed athlete while waiting on the bench. For tennis or badminton player, towels can be used for drying the sweaty hands. The same thing is done in basketball players, to prevent slippery hand while holding the ball. In golf, bowling, and weight lifting, towels are used for drying or cleaning sports equipment from dirt and sweat.

Type of towels which  must have sports enthusiast, is a sweat towel. This towel is small, same as a hand towel. As the name implies, this towel is used to wipe the sweat and become coatings between hand and gymnastic equipment. Good sweat towel should have similar quality with a bath towel. However, if you like water sports, perhaps more suitable towel is a towel made of synthetic chamois. Similar to that used as a car wash cloth, towel was originally developed for swimmers and divers. However, because it is easy to absorb water, towels became popular among the instigators of other sports.

Exercise Towel
 Exercise Towel 

Tips How toCare Towel for Exercise

IF not treated, towels can be easily damaged even cause health problems. Well, so towels can continue to favorites "slick" and safe for skin health, the following maintenance tips.

1. Change of towels once a week if personal use. If the towel is shared, should be replaced every day.

2. Although it still looks clean, towels not necessarily free of germs. Towel that has been soaked or submerged in water should be immediately replaced and washed.

3. When produced, the towels are usually coated with a special softener that looks soft and fluffy. However, this layer can cause a towel to absorb less water if directly used. Therefore, it is advisable to wash the new towel before use. The first time you washed, try adding a tablespoon of vinegar to help dissolve the rest of the dye and prevents color fade.

4. Avoid drying by heating as it can damage the fibers. Better dried by low-temperature dryer or aerated. Do not forget to separate between dark and light-colored towel when washing.

5. So that the clothes are not contaminated with germs, it is better to wash towels separately from clothes. Give half the amount of detergent you use to wash clothes. Although tempting, fabric softener should also only given once every 3-4 times because it can damage the fiber towels. Absorption towel can also be reduced if ironed hot. Towel dry immediately after washing to avoid moldy and make sure the towel in a state completely dry when stored.

6. Hang up and spread the towel every time it is used and winds up to dry. Do not put towels overlap if one of them is still moist or wet.

7. Always read the washing instructions indicated on the label towels.

8. TOWELS for sports made of cotton should be washed immediately after used. To prevent germs flourish and eliminate the smell of sweat immediately. Avoid cleaning tools by using exercise towel.

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