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Tips How to Choose Swimsuit for Muslim Women

Swimming is one sport likable and cheap. We just need to visit public swimming pool near the house and enjoy the fresh clear water. Therefore, swimming is an option many people to maintain healthy fitness. However, as a Muslim woman who keep the Awrah (intimate part of body) from views of others, exercise swimming became an obstacle. Most Muslim women are reluctant to swim because mingled with the opposite sex (male) at the pool or beach. Muslim women who want to swim, do not be confused. Now there is swimsuit Muslims. This swimsuit, of course cover Awrah. But still comfortable to wear while swimming.

Tips How to Choose Swimsuit for Muslim Women
Swimsuit for Muslim Women

Choosing Swimsuit

Muslim swimsuit usually like dress that covers the body from top to bottom. No part of the body that is visible, and the head is equipped with a matched swimming cap. At first glance, like special clothes for divers. However, do not worry you can not look fashionable. At present, the choice of increasingly diverse Muslim swimsuit. Model and pattern plenty of choice to suit your taste and budget.

Now, how to choose a swimsuit that is convenient for Muslim Swimsuit? Let's discuss one by one:

1. Choosing swimsuit materials and designs that comfortable to wear. Not hot and not heavy when worn in the water.

2. In addition, the swimsuit should protect from the heat of the sun while swimming in the outdoor pool. The heat that makes uncomfortable stinging swim, and just exercise for a while, so that the benefits of swimming is less.

3. The most appropriate materials dress for the swimsuit is made bending lycra spandex . This material is commonly used for leotard.

4. Type of body shape affects selection of swimsuit. For  thin,  should choose swimsuits  crowded patterned so impressed full body.

5. For Fat bodies is advised to wear a swimsuit which dark colour and without motive to disguise the shape of breasts and big body.

Well it is easy, isn't it? What are you waiting for, please choose and buy swimsuit that you like at Amazon widget left side Bar and let swim now!

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