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Tips How to Escape from Debt

In this life, everyone is not out from debt, even it small or large quantities. However, the debt is dangerous if someone is not able to manage it wisely. In fact, not a few people who owe even more entangled and do not know how to pay it off.

Tips How to Escape from Debt
Tips How to Escape from Debt

Well, if you currently intend to apply for a debt, you should pay attention to the following points:

Tips How to Escape from Debt

1. Don't use debt to pay debt
Surely you are familiar with the term "digging hole closing hole" , where a person commits an act reckless and risky tend to do with the debt payments by debt from other party. Therefore, as much as possible to avoid this way so you can be free from the cycle of debt chain.

2. Don't use a credit card to buy daily unnecessary necessities. 
Remember!  credit card balance is not your money. It is just bank loan which granted to you. If you use credit cards carelessly, just to keep the appetite to shop things that are not too urgent, at the end of the period you should be ready to bear the credit card debt and it's interest which is not small.

3. Live according to your income
Do not force yourself to luxurious lifestyles exceed your financial capabilities. Like the saying "a greater stake than the pole". Live simply and manage your finances wisely so that your life is always sufficient.

4. Never owe
Powerful way to be freed from the debt trap is not to owe. If you are able to manage your finances carefully,  you certainly no need to owe.

5. Saving money and living frugally
Make a habit of saving to meet any unexpected needs, so you no longer need to be busy looking for a loan debt. In addition, use of life-saving culture in your everyday life and family. Avoid wasteful both in terms of electricity consumption, water, fuel, clothing or food.

6. Participate insurance
Register yourself and your family into insurance, can also be an alternative solution so that you avoid debt. However, before deciding to join the insurance, you must ascertain what the current insurance you need, whether it's health insurance, safety, retirement, education, or other.

7. Pay bills on time prior to maturity
Do not get used to postpone paying the bill so that you will not be charged a late fee, so your money can be used to meet other needs.

8. Make a budget 
Make a budget expenditure finances carefully so that you can be monitored, and live according to the budget that you've created.

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