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Tips How to Lengthen Nails Quickly and Naturally

Tips How to lengthen nails quickly and naturally. Nails is one of attractiveness in women. Show with clean and beautiful nails also long and tapering, which adorns the finger is a dream of every woman. Nails can also be decorated with beautiful and amazing colors. Depicting colorful personality, mood and life choices. Nails are window of women's hearts and minds. There are preferring plain nails, but there are also nail decorated with glamor in a beautiful and harmonious colors.

Long and strong nails is a dream, unfortunately not all women have the nails with such types. Many women come to the salon for the sake beautify hands and nails. Nail art and nail polish is the best solution to look elegant and charming. Review will discuss tips lengthen nails quickly so always can appear charming and beautiful all the time.

Tips How to Lengthen Nails Quickly and Naturally
Tips How to Lengthen Nails Quickly and Naturally

Tips How to Lengthen Nails Quickly and Naturally

1. Keep nails are Cleanliness
Keeping nails stay clean able to make a smooth and fast growing long nails. Note the cleanliness of nails to keep the humidity. Use hand lotion to nourish your nails beautiful. Keep nails from bacteria also part of healthy living. Many of the diseases that come from the hand.

2. Use Garlic
Garlic has many benefits. In addition to cure pimples and boils, garlic can be used to lengthen the nail. It's easy. Take garlic intact and plug your nails into the flesh of Garlic for 10 minutes. Wait until nutrition extract  is absorbed, and rinse with warm water. Long nails will be easier if these detailing activities performed daily routine.

3. Use Lemon or Lime juice
Lemon juice and lime possessed a high vitamin C content. Moreover, both these oranges contain folic acid which is good for the growth of the nail. The trick, squeeze lemon or lime. Use the juice to soak the nail. Soak nails for 10 minutes in the juice. Then wash with clean water and dry. More often done, then the nails will be healthier and more long fast.

4. Tomato and Olive Oil
Tomatoes can be used to lengthen the nail. Quite easy. Take a few tomatoes then juice until smooth. Add a few drops of olive oil into a tomato juice. Use tomato juice was to soak the nail. Soak for 10 minutes. Rinse with clean water if thats enough. This therapy can treat damaged nails also accelerate the growth of new nails.

5. Use Water Rice
The way this one is way passed down by parents of old. It is said that when the nail soak rice in water will cause the nails long fast. Do it and see for yourself whether the rice water can lengthen the nail faster.

6. Consume Vitamin E
Take vitamins and supplements that stimulate the growth of cells in the body. For example, vitamin E is good for the growth of new cells in the body, replacing alma cells and plays a role in bone growth. B vitamins also play an active role in the growth of the body's cells. Drinking two vitamin supplements because viatmin E and B can not be produced by the body independently so we need to drink or get it from the food consumed.

7. Menicure and Pedicure
Complete Nails treatment is pedicure Menicure, will make faster nail length. Nails are dead will be discarded so that the new nail growth accelerated. Perform routine once a month. Anyway with nail treatment at a beauty salon more it will enhance the appearance of our nails.

These seven tips to lengthen your nails quickly and naturally can rely on to take care of your nails beautiful nails.

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