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Tips How to Make Up Wide and Slanted Eyes

Eye makeup doesn't escape from attention of many women. Even the lack of confidence could occur if the  eyes makeup application is not perfect. Well, here is the inheritance of the eye that is suitable for wide eyes.

Tips How to Make Up Wide and Slanted Eyes

Tips How to Make Up Wide Eyes

1. Apply highlight in the center of eyelids. Apply up to the inner corner of the eye shadow with a brush. Greed ranging from lash line to line eyelids.

2. Don't use eyeshadow with lots of glitter. Choose a soft eyeliner pencil shape, then apply the lash line on the outside pulling it upwards.

3. Choose white eyeshadow could be an alternative. white color selection on sutut your eyes will make an impression smaller eyes.

4. Give thickening eyeliner on the outside corner to give the impression of length and minimize the impression of a round.

5. Apply light-colored eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye. Then give a darker color on the outer corners of the eyes.

6. You can apply two coats of mascara on upper lashes. Give emphasis on the outer corner of the eye to give long impression.

7. If you want to apply false eyelashes, false eyelashes select the size of the length. Choose which had long feathers on the outer portion.

Tips How to Make Up Slanted Eyes

1. Choose Soft  colors
For beginners who usually likes to explore color eyeshadow should be more careful in its application. Because if you choose a dark color, the eyes will seem smaller and more narrow plasticity. In order to impress beautiful and fresh eyes, can use soft colors such as gray, soft peach or can with a soft pink color. After that could give eyeliner brown or dark gray.

2. Avoid wearing eyeshadow that has a sparkle and a sparkling impression
For those who have a form of slanted eyes can actually be playing with a brightly colored eyeshadow and added with glitter, sparkle or frosty look. But if any in its application that there will make the eyes more and sinks. Therefore, just enough to add three texture eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye only.

3. Greed perfectly
The key to the success of forming the eye to make it look sharper is the color blend perfectly, because if color mixing is not perfect there arose a line that can make the eyes look smaller. Therefore, it should have a eyeshadow brush to blend the color of the eyelid perfectly.

4. Make eye deeper impression
So that the eyes seem more like Europeans, can make it by applying eye pencil dark brown or black can that could easily blend in on the outer corner of the eye and close to the lash line. After that, by using a brush to blend the dark color upward and give the gray color on the eye that has not been given a color. Then blend perfectly.

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